Tired of Supporting Haters?

Make your own Chick-Fil-Gay!



4:32 pm • Wednesday • July 18, 2012

So, in order to make the Chik-Fil-Gay sammitch, one has to 1) Beat the meat, and 2) Toast your little buns. Nope, no double entendres here.

4:34 pm • Wednesday • July 18, 2012

Since we’re “inviting God’s judgement” by fiddling with marriage, when can we expect Mr. Kathy to start an immediate petition drive to reinstate arranged marriage starting at age 12, dowries, and male polygamy? After all, the book’s pretty specific. ;)

Also, too, stoning for adultery. We could fix the whole national debt with the auction for front-row seats at Newt’s and Rush’s alone.

4:35 pm • Wednesday • July 18, 2012

Oh, and does this mean no more chicken sandwiches with cheese?

4:40 pm • Wednesday • July 18, 2012

@matador1015: not to mention spreading the sauce

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