Remember that bullet that was fired at one of Eric Cantor’s offices in a despicable attempt to intimidate the Virginia Representative?

Well, it looks like Cantor’s office may not have been the intended target… indeed, based upon the trajectory of the bullet, it looks probable that there was no intended target to begin with… just some redneck in gun-happy Virginia squeezing off a few rounds into the sky to celebrate… well, whatever the fuck rednecks celebrate in Virginia this time of year:

Police said a first floor window was struck by a bullet at around 1 a.m. on Tuesday. The building was not occupied, police said. A preliminary investigation determined that a bullet was fired into the air and struck the window at a downward direction, landing about a foot from the window. The bullet had enough force to break the windowpane but not penetrate the window blinds, according to a news release.

There are no suspects, Gene Lepley, a spokesman for the department, said.

So sorry, GOP me-too victims, you’ll need to try a little harder next time if you want to show that Democrats are just as awful as you.

Miss Expatria sends word that David Frum has been purged for his heresy:

As of Thursday, Mr. Frum had become a former fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Mr. Frum said he was taken out to lunch by the president of the organization, Arthur C. Brooks. He said Mr. Brooks told him the institute valued a diversity of opinion, and welcomed that one of its scholars had become such a high-profile critic of Republican legislative leaders. Mr. Frum, who has been with the institute since 2003, said that he was asked if he would considering being associated with the institute on a nonsalaried basis.

Mr. Frum declined.

You have to admire their discipline ….

Frum Forced Out at Conservative Institute [NYT]

Keep moving, nothing to see here … can’t possibly be teabaggers doing this shit:

A coffin was placed on a Missouri Democrat’s lawn, another in a string of incidents against lawmakers after their vote Sunday on a health care overhaul.

Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.) had a coffin placed “near his home,” a spokesman said Wednesday evening.

This came after Rep. Tom Perriello’s (D-Va.) brother’s gas lines were cut, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) received death threats and Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) received a message saying snipers were being deployed to kill children of those who voted for health care overhaul.

Coffin Placed On Carnahan’s Lawn [Politico]

Got my RedState Morning Briefing this a.m., and what did I find? Another instance of Erick Erickson urging the wingnuts to send stupid shit to a Congressman:

We can’t Bart Stupak go [sic] without a parting gift. Judas, after all, got 30 silver coins to sell out our Lord. Stupak needs something for selling out all the children sent off to be slaughtered thanks to his “compromise” that any President can pen away to oblivion – notwithstanding the questionable legal assumptions behind it.

Let’s send him 100 silver coins. It’s only a $4.00 investment on your part.

Another GOP tantrum … I love to watch them stomp their feet and scream ….

MSNBC just said Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) confessed to shouting “baby killer” last night … but says he meant the bill was a baby killer, not Bart Stupak. Thanks for clearing that up, asshole. UPDATE: Josh has more – turns out Randy’s a Birther.

Think Progress has listed some of the juicier examples of conservative FAIL:

– Dick Morris, Fox News commentator, November 4: “A deathblow to ObamaCare.”

– Fred Barnes, Fox News commentator, January 20: “The health care bill, ObamaCare, is dead with not the slightest prospect of resurrection.”

– Robert A. Levy, chairman of the Cato Institute, January 26: “That’s why Obamacare is dead.”

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The House is now voting on the “rule.” Now what does that mean? It’s not “the” vote. That will come later. Rather it’s the vote that sets up the ground rules for the next two votes. Sort of deep into the procedural mumbojumbo but a very big deal.

Late Update: And it just went over the 216 required for passage.

We’re getting to the point where the sausage is almost ready for packaging.

Gears Moving [TPM]