Miss Expatria sends word that David Frum has been purged for his heresy:

As of Thursday, Mr. Frum had become a former fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

Mr. Frum said he was taken out to lunch by the president of the organization, Arthur C. Brooks. He said Mr. Brooks told him the institute valued a diversity of opinion, and welcomed that one of its scholars had become such a high-profile critic of Republican legislative leaders. Mr. Frum, who has been with the institute since 2003, said that he was asked if he would considering being associated with the institute on a nonsalaried basis.

Mr. Frum declined.

You have to admire their discipline ….

Frum Forced Out at Conservative Institute [NYT]

Best story today: Remember the SEC director who tried to access porn sites 1,800 times during the Crash of ’08? He’s kept his $200,000/year job and recent promotion. Fuck you, sheeples.

Hey Mr. SEC, I’ll do his job for half that and keep it in my pants for eight hours. How’z ’bout we make a deal?

@Original Andrew:

Except that he has to work with a bunch of people who know he’s really into tranny porn.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: In a recent re-run of The Office, which is a show I love, because it comes close to describing my workplace, except, mine is more absurd, the boss, whatsisname, was leading an HR meeting, on the topic of workplace ethics. He declared an amnesty, and asked people to admit to some unethical acts, to start it off, he said, “when I discovered youtube, I didn’t work for a week.”

When I discovered youtube, I didn’t work for a month. When I discovered Craigslist, I stopped working, well, its not over yet.

When I meet people on social occasions, and work comes up, I tell them I work at Dunder-Mifflin. By their response, they are judged.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: My local grocery store is discounting/discontinuing t-10 – $27, yo. We’re on round 3 now.

@Promnight: When I discovered “snarky political blogs”, shortly after repatriating in ’06, I didn’t work for three years. By the time Dismember and Coctober rolled around, I was committed to working as little as possible every day. Shoot, sometimes I even slipped out of the office “for a meeting”, went home, and took a nap I was so freaking bored.

Now I work 12 hour days, live a bit too hard for my age, and have to scramble to keep up with you guys.

Couldn’t be happier, but for missing my biscuits.

you have to, to some extent, admire Frum.

did we see what Frum said about fox?
something like ‘republicans started out thinking fox was working for them (which is an awsum enough thing to say) but found out that they were working for fox’

The follow-up is that AEI itself didn’t have a problem with Frum. It was AEI’s donors.

@nojo: Did you catch the part where Frum said AEI didn’t publish any position papers on Obamacare because it was pretty much in favor? Coincidental but interesting…

@Pedonator: And the Individual Mandate is copped from the Heritage Foundation, I think.

2010 Democrats are 1994 Republicans.

@nojo: /wistful sigh/Remember the Contract On America? Good times.

it is also from the republican response to “Hillarycare”.
they were asking Hatch and Grassley on MSNBC why they were for it then, it was their bill, and are not now.
incredible they both said at the time they “never really thought about how unconstitutional it was”.
which has got to be one of the greatest responses ever.

Ive said it before, the fact that a democratic congress could only squeak through a bill republicans once supported mostly only illustrates how far right the country has gone.

@Capt Howdy: Yes, that’s the original source. But in the Frum Fallout, it was mentioned that the ACA (I’m getting used to the new acronym) contained a lot of Heritage stuff.

@Pedonator: Whatever happened to Newt Gingrich? Oh, right.

Now it’s getting fun:

I also think that for David to have leveled the charge that Arthur Brooks caved in to donor pressure, knowing that the charge would be picked up and spread beyond recall, knowing that such a charge strikes at the core of the Institute’s integrity, and making such a sensational charge without a shred of evidence, is despicable.

Charles Murray at NRO. I do so love wingnut civil wars.

I cant wait to see where Frum goes and what he does now.

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