Douchebag of the Day

Chris Christie:

Maybe, one day, people will learn that electing a Republican only benefits the wealthy. Maybe.


It’s pretty much the entire playbook.

In Ontario, our last contarded Premier (not the usual right of center Cons we had in the past) did that. Even manufactured a “crisis” to gut edumakashun funding. Didn’t help that teachers were/are hated because they were well paid in Ontario and had an okay pension plan and their union could be pricks.

Didn’t help we got an edumakashun minister who was a Gr 10 dropout and that the Premier was a failed teacher himself. Turned off Ontario on the idea of low taxes for now almost 2 decades.

Wow – you’ve gotta admire the nuts on that guy. A *standard* Republican would have just cut the taxes and then “discovered” that there was a budget gap necessitating an “emergency reduction”. Apparently, the not-rich no longer deserve a reach-around.

This fucker is a big, dumb, bully.

Well, at least they didn’t advocate that the rich be allowed to have hunting licenses for poor public school kids on the assumption that they’d just grow up to be bank robbers and crystal meth addicts.

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