Greenwald Shoots, Greenwald Scores

Obama to Indonesian media: “We have to acknowledge that those past human-rights abuses existed. We can’t go forward without looking backwards.” Their abuses, silly, not ours. [Greenwald]


Well… CORN 10:6 UK. Just over six minutes gone, but — DAMN!

Is the 2nd chance bracket like golf? Lowest score wins right?

@chicago bureau: @ManchuCandidate: Whatever else happens, I am over the moon about my Butler pick.

@Mistress Cynica: @mellbell: @chicago bureau: It’s Friday, and I’m streaming KState-Xavier, end of first OT at my desk. Why can’t the Kansans control the clock/defend the 3 any better than that??

Hey Pullen, what’s that ball made of – Jell-o?

@ManchuCandidate: My strategy in every head-to-head matchup on 2nd chance was to always pick the lower-ranked team. So far I’m not regretting this choice. And if Cornell wins the title, I am QUEEN OF THE STINQUE SECOND CHANCE WORLD!

@Nabisco: Don’t bet against the Jesuits. And after reading about the nun at Xavier who tutors their players, I’m not betting against her.

@SanFranLefty: I had to go with K-State. Denis Clemente may not be much of a right fielder, but he rocks his cousin’s jersey number.

/TJ: ON TOPIC/ @nojo, I was so hoping you would pick up on that Greenwald post. Read that first thing this morning and it was hard to resist linquing to that. Not that there was any real reason to resist, other than I just got distracted eventually.

Also, just to show a human(e) side of Pedo: I caught some of Jonathan Demme’s Neil Young: Heart of Gold on the teevee tonight, and watching Neil sing “When God Made Me” brought a rare few minutes of empathy for theists to Pedo’s cold heathen heart. And, yes, tears to eyes.

@Pedonator: I usually don’t get around to Glenn until the evening, but my first thought was Pedo Bait.

@Pedonator @nojo:

Hey he’s my super-Constitutional boyfriend, too! Even though he is a something of a ‘tarded Firster.

No Hate Speech Laws, Glenn? Really? That must be why our level of civil discourse is soooo much more sophisticated and civilized than Canada and Europe, since we can spread a hate-crazed hurricane of propagandist lies and call for the deaths of entire groups of people and it’s really great-great-great!

But seriously, he’s like married to a very happy Brazilian guy, so he must be a totally unstoppable wildcat in the sack. The mind reels.

Nighty night!

@Original Andrew: +1

@nojo: It’s the thought that counts.

@Original Andrew: Actually his position on hate speech is more nuanced than that, I believe. I think he’s OK with the legal prohibitions on incitement. (Wasn’t it a hoot the other day to wonder if Ann Coulter would be penning him a thank-you note for his defense of her right to speak in Canada City?)

Also, yeah, the hot Brazilian boyfriend: the mixture must be combustible, let’s hope they don’t set fire to any extra Amazon.

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