Cantor Victim FAIL

Remember that bullet that was fired at one of Eric Cantor’s offices in a despicable attempt to intimidate the Virginia Representative?

Well, it looks like Cantor’s office may not have been the intended target… indeed, based upon the trajectory of the bullet, it looks probable that there was no intended target to begin with… just some redneck in gun-happy Virginia squeezing off a few rounds into the sky to celebrate… well, whatever the fuck rednecks celebrate in Virginia this time of year:

Police said a first floor window was struck by a bullet at around 1 a.m. on Tuesday. The building was not occupied, police said. A preliminary investigation determined that a bullet was fired into the air and struck the window at a downward direction, landing about a foot from the window. The bullet had enough force to break the windowpane but not penetrate the window blinds, according to a news release.

There are no suspects, Gene Lepley, a spokesman for the department, said.

So sorry, GOP me-too victims, you’ll need to try a little harder next time if you want to show that Democrats are just as awful as you.


And somewhere in that neighborhood, there’s a movement to start calling That Thing the Affordable Care Act, or ACA. Me, I never really warmed up to the HCR acronym, but I’m in no rush to embrace a fresh one.

@nojo: I like PPACA so long as it’s pronounced like the last two syllables in alpaca.

And since I’ve been making a, um, stink of it, here’s Ezra Klein:

And what happens if you don’t buy insurance and you don’t pay the penalty? Well, not much. The law specifically says that no criminal action or liens can be imposed on people who don’t pay the fine.

We’ll see how that works in practice — can the IRS tell I’m not paying my 2.5% penalty, but otherwise shoveling over the usual 25-30% of income? (I’m not fucking kidding. Welcome to freelance, friends.) I’d love to buy health insurance, but if I can’t afford it — even with the lovely subsidies — I can’t afford it.



Works for me.

@nojo: No comment; making one would only get me in trouble.

@Serolf Divad: whatever the fuck rednecks celebrate in Virginia this time of year

Why, that would be the openin’ of huntin’ season on Democrat Congresscritters of course! Best to get ’em while they’re calvin’.

I’m sure Cantor was just trying to score political points for irony.

I knew the gunshot story was BS … Cantor might be dumber than Lieberman, and that’s saying something.

@blogenfreude: Plus, there’s something, well, New Yorkish about his surname, is he part of the Tribe?

Meanwhile, it looks like a few more Friends of Dorothy will be allowed to continue serving their country dropping bombs in foreign lands and/or assassinating or renditioning suspected terrorists / enemy combatants and/or greasing the wheels of the military machine with their unstoppable shopping techniques.

Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden minefield grow.

So I guess this is a victory, of sorts, and one that can be attributed to a Bush Obama appointee.

@Pedonator: “I think it’s very important for us to go through this process. And doing it with haste could easily generate a very bad outcome,” Mullen said.

So, the gentler, the better?

@Nabisco: There are so many factors: does he like it gentle, or rough? To lube or not to lube? Are hemorrhoids a factor? Not to mention the “politics” of barebacking.

Jokes aside, this is much like HCR in that almost every other “first-world” “democracy” allows the gheys to kit up in uniform and tote guns in defense of the fatherland. WTF is it about US?

@Pedonator: A fear of “there are no fashion victims in a foxhole” becoming our new cri de guerre?

But srsly, it is the same effed up, closed minded, “we’re ‘murricans, dammit” mentality that keeps our health care expensive, our troops closeted and our congresscritters foaming at the mouth.

who, eric cantor?
embarrassingly yes…he’s a conservative jewboy in addition to a douche.

@baked: So in a redneck state like Virginia, I guess he has to overcompensate with the douchiness to remain electable?

he speaks fluent retardican. he makes me nauseous.
there’s something steve erkle about him…i want to rip off his glasses and stomp them. then steal his lunch money.

Richmond? Umm, probably not a redneck.

It’s official: Cantor was a victim of the Arc of Doom:

In an interview with TPM, a Richmond Police Department spokesman said the bullet that penetrated a window in a building that includes a campaign office of Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) was “an act of random gunfire.”

My Spidey sense told me that story was bullshit. BTW, gun sales are way down.

My friend’s family used to own Marlin and sold out about 18 months ago to Remington. They moved at the right time at the peak of the gun boom (heh).

My friend drinks a lot more than me and I went along for the ride. Holy crap! Three is a huge night for me and we had four martinis last night. I know my shoes are around here somewhere. Fortunately, this was a pre-scheduled work at home morning. Unfortunately, I slept on the shoulder I injured skiing and it now hurts like shit.

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