Bull With Bear

This has been around a couple weeks, but what the heck — it’s Friday, and we’ve lost track of who’s threatening whom. If you’re at work, we recommend you crank up your audio so everyone around you can hear it clearly. You’re welcome.


“This bullshit has broader implications, somehow.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Speaking of bears and furry creatures reminded me of Naked Senator Brown, and Rachel Maddow goes after him for sending out fundraising letters saying she’s running for his seat in 2012.

Many of my days are like that.
BTW, with Syracuse going down last night, my brackets are now, officially, asswipe.


“LITTLE ROCK – U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder of Arkansas says a letter saying he’s a target for assassination was intercepted by U.S. Capitol Police.

Snyder says he was told about the letter Tuesday by Capitol Police. It was postmarked in a Western state – not Arkansas – and misspelled his name as “Vic Synder.””

Don’t you love that? “I am gona shute yoo, yoo soshalist.” Written in crayon.

the rorschach kid

for me, after days of reading about sick evil people acting out like spoiled children, watching this video of this amazing kid talking about the president using his first name like he was his pal took the whole foul stinking pathetic world we live in and put a big ole smiley face on it.

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