New HCR Thread


The House is now voting on the “rule.” Now what does that mean? It’s not “the” vote. That will come later. Rather it’s the vote that sets up the ground rules for the next two votes. Sort of deep into the procedural mumbojumbo but a very big deal.

Late Update: And it just went over the 216 required for passage.

We’re getting to the point where the sausage is almost ready for packaging.

Gears Moving [TPM]

Well, let’s jack this right off the top:

More than 200,000 people gathered on the National Mall today to participate in March for America, a rally advocating comprehensive immigration reform.

Crowd estimate from Washington Independent.

@nojo: Wrong day to hold that rally … like that guy that had the bad timing to die when Reagan did … you know, whatshisname …

Steny Hoyer: John Dingel: still alive and kicking.

“People aren’t feeling the stimulus” … David Gregory is such a tool.

News of the obvious: Not a big surprise, but looking through the NYT’s frontpage photoslide show, I notice the stars ‘n bars being flown.

@Libertarian Tool

Won’t happen. He represents Yoopers. Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As Great White North as it gets. Only reason Dems keep this seat in November will be due to his grandstand.

I defer to your knowledge of Yoopers. Grand Rapids is as far north as I’ve been.

That picture of Bachmann looks like something you’d see crawling out of a portal to Hell…

OK, Steny, going OT on teh stimulus. Keep to health care.

Bachmann as Gnarls Barkley:

I remember when, I remember
I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so vast about my head space
Even knowledge is just an echo in so much space

And when you’re out there without care
Yeah, I didn’t really mind
But it wasn’t because I didn’t care enough
I was paid off lots

Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
No way!

And I hope that you are
Having the time of your life
But think twice
Cause I talk to gawd

Come on now, who do you
Who do you, who do you, who do you think you are?
Ha ha ha, bless your soul
You really think you’re in control?

Well, I think you’re crazy
I think you’re crazy
I think you’re crazy
But not me


Maybe my parents were right – if you make that face long enough, it *will* stay that way. At least the Bachmann picture can be presumed to be just a captured moment; the mugshot implies that it was posed that way for some time. Yow.

@al2o3cr: She’d just been arrested, of course, but so many different photos of her looking scary.

If they don’t stop mentioning the doughnut hole, I’m going to have to run down the street to Dunkin’ Donuts.

Fucking Kal Bears of Bezerkley aren’t doing shit against the asshats of Puke.

Jesus fucking christ with magdelene on his face what the fuck, BBC has a fucktard from Cato describing why HCR is so wrong headed and America needs to make sure that health insurers are just freer to bankrupt the country and fund their executives’ orgies.

@blogenfreude: This is the TV feed in France. I guess BBC-A figgas it has to keep up with When Animals Attack

Sensenbrenner brings up the legality of the exec order; I guess the Bush years didn’t apply.

Plum Line:

President Obama went to extraordinary lengths to win over House Dems holding out for stricter abortion language, treating each one of them to multiple one-on-one personal conversations and going through their concerns in great detail, Rep Marcy Kaptur just told me in a very brief interview.

The treatment of the anti-choice Dems stands in contrast to the White House’s treatment of House progressives. It’s a reminder that House Dems can win over big concessions from the White House when they stick together and refuse to budge from their principles.

The Greenwald Meme spreads, but I still disagree: Progressives wanted this bill more than anyone else, so they were stuck with all the nasty compromises. You don’t have leverage unless you’re willing to walk away.

I’d like to Revise & Extend Joe Barton’s tie.

@rptrcub: They’re clearly running with it, but will it stick? (Note: Doesn’t matter whether it’s patently absurd.)

@FlyingChainSaw: You’re in France? Did I miss something?

And what must the French think of us when exposed to Cato? … they are selfish in the extreme.


@nojo: @rptrcub: @flippin eck: I turned on C-SPAN and lasted about three minutes. Back to hoops. You are stronger people than I am, or you have all started drinking hours ago.

I must say I had no idea that parlimentary procedure requires the recognition of every state’s nickname.

@SanFranLefty: I find it oddly entertaining. But I’m weird.

“You may be getting your prenatal care from TurboTax.” I love the new talking points!

@nojo: And your mammogram from Microsoft Word.

@rptrcub: Just beware the Blue Death Panel of Death.

TPM: NARAL and Planned Parenthood join NOW in disappointment over the executive order.

Well, either it’s a smokescreen, or it goes farther than reaffirming the Hyde Amendment. Take yer pick.

@blogenfreude: FCS is Nicolas Sarkosy IRL.

No baby yet. You’d think my sister was initiating modest incremental reform as a member of a center-right party with a majority in congress.

What is Nancy wearing, anybody know? I’m not near a TV set so I haven’t been able to see…my money is on a celedon or red power suit.

John Lewis: my Congressman and my hero.

@SanFranLefty: Mr Cyn just flipped over from hoops to PBS, where we’re watching a man with no hands play drums. And that’s still less depressing than C-SPAN.
I can’t even go on FB because it’s gotten so ugly. I actually know people who are related to or went to high school with teabaggers. These people, among other things: 1) “want to see video proof” of Lewis et al being called racial epithets, insisting it “may be a plant”; 2) bitch about how they worked hard all their lives to have a job with a Cadillac insurance plan and now they’re going to be taxed on it to pay for “welfare”; and 3) the only reason they oppose this bill is because it will give healthcare to the illegal immigrants, and their granddaughter had to wait 1.5 hours at the ER because of all the Spanish-speaking people who were seen first. Gotta hand it to the insurance lobby and their minions in Congress and on Faux News—they’ve carried on a campaign of smearing, lying, and misinforming that would make Goebbels proud.

@nojo: They have to release those statements for political and strategic reasons. Historically the Hyde Amendment (no federal funding for abortion in Medicaid) has been a rider to the HHS Approps bill. It’s not in the federal code, so Obama’s statement saying it’s “codified” isn’t true, and saying it’s codified doesn’t make it go in the code. It’s symbolic and doesn’t change the status quo, and the Stupak demand that the bill include a ban on private insurance companies covering abortion is gone, and that is the most important thing.

And NOW tends to be the most bomb-throwing of the women’s organizations compared to PPFA and NARAL (tree-hugger analogy would be Greenpeace compared to Sierra Club and NRDC).

The PPFA and NARAL statements were more reasoned (and less exaggerating) than the NOW statement.

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

We regret that a pro-choice president of a pro-choice nation was forced to sign an Executive Order that further codifies the proposed anti-choice language in the health care reform bill, originally proposed by Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska. What the president’s executive order did not do is include the complete and total ban on private health insurance coverage for abortion that Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) had insisted upon. So while we regret that this proposed Executive Order has given the imprimatur of the president to Senator Nelson’s language, we are grateful that it does not include the Stupak abortion ban.


On a day when Americans are expected to see passage of legislation that will make health care more affordable for more than 30 million citizens, it is deeply disappointing that Bart Stupak and other anti-choice politicians would demand the restatement of the Hyde amendment, a discriminatory law that blocks low-income women from receiving full reproductive-health care. Today’s action is a stark reminder of why we must repeal this unfair and insulting policy. Achieving this goal means increasing the number of lawmakers in Congress who share our pro-choice values. Otherwise, we will continue to see women’s reproductive rights used as a bargaining chip.

ADD: Another reason I’m not a big fan of NOW is that Terry O’Neill, the President of NOW, was flirting with the PUMAs and Palin in 2008 to a degree that pissed off donors. Or at least this donor. I wrote them a letter and said I would never give them another dime.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m watching C-SPAN now, but I just mute it every time a fat old white man with a R under his name stands up to denounce socialism.

I’d like to yield 499 characters to Political Wire:

A new Field Poll shows more Californians disapprove of the job performance of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) “than any governor in modern state history including Gray Davis, who was ousted by Schwarzenegger in a popular uprising.”

“Seventy-one percent of California voters surveyed said they disapprove of Schwarzenegger’s handling of the job, while 23 percent approve. The low ratings are shared across all demographics including party affiliation, region of the state, age and race or ethnicity.”

@nojo: Arnold has been a spectacular failure.

Off zee plane from PHX. Drunk as a blind bat from United First hospitality. Quick update in easily digestible format req’d. Kthxbai.

@nojo: thought of posting that earlier … CA voters just do it to themselves, don’t they? On the other hand, so do OK voters (Inhofe), ME voters (Snowe, Collins), MA voters (Brown) … and I give up.

@SFL: Srsly: you expected Cal St Berkley to beat Dook?

And, I might add: Black Eagle picked Women of Tree to be official Lambs to Slaughter for UConn wimmin in The Other Brackets. Smart man.

@all: on my third coffee, and still no sausage? Back to She&Him and the local dailies…

ADD: Thanks Mell, I’m in the second round…

@chicago bureau:
Yeah, he also picked Nova and Kansas in the Final Four, with KS taking it all. Still, his picks are better than LibTool.

@chicago bureau:
Many gnashing of teef (1/2 of them mine) thanks to Kansas choke.

Teabaggers show off their inner Klan to black Demrats.

RW blowhards freaking out worse than gay marriage over minor incremental change in HC law. Makes me wonder if introduction of single payer will kill them off entirely, which I am deeply in favor of (because I remember many of the same US America HC players showing up in Canada City in the mid 90s telling/lecturing us socialist heathens we don’t need Single Payer–yes, payback’s a bitch.)

@chicago bureau:

Still no baby.

As for HCR, final vote in an hour, right? And the Repugs have been behaving badly, but that is not news. Boehmer says “we will act like adults if this passes”. Har-de-har-har. Enough stubborn grandstanding wins you special favors from the White House, and Nancy missed her shot at causing peak wingnut by not wearing red to the festivities.

I am not drunk, by the way.

@tc: Vote at 10-isf? Lotta blather left on the schedule.

Just got back to my villa from Villa Southwest in PHX.

Paul Ryan (R-Janesville, Wis.) rocking the microphone as I arrived. It’s “deja vu all over again.” Srsly: Yogi Berra should start charging royalties on this shit.

Mike Pence bringing Ronnie into this. For real, GOP: Ronald Reagan is DEAD. Stop with the Ronnie worship. It is getting OLD.

What I wouldn’t give for Toby Zigler and Josh Lyman banter right now.

Srsly: is this Black Eagle’s Day of Jubilee?

@chicago bureau:
Shows why Barry is such a tough poker player. It takes a strong one not to panic after a string of bad hands and a willingness to change tact mid play.

ManchuCandidate: Tell that to hardened limit hold-em poker players in Ariz. Way too intense for a 3-6 limit game. (Seriously: somebody got up in my grill for calling his bluff for a $40 pot. Really, now: I sniffed out your bluff on a damn busted flush draw. So shut up, already.)

(Overly intense amateur poker players get under my skin. Sue me.)

@chicago bureau:
That’s why I stay away from anything but low stakes friendly games.

Played poker in Skule (used laundry money as a rather stupid incentive to win, bad day = no clean clothes for a month) and usually won because the guys I played with liked to bluff and I loved to call said bluff.

Don’t pretend I’m good. I would only now play for fun.

After listening to hours and hours and hours of Republicans decrying the lack of bipartisanship in the health care bill, you would think they had been out of town for the last year and only found out today that anyone was working on this bill.

They are doing a great job of laying the groundwork for violence from their base.

Preemptive strike: Never talk to Rahm during “The Jackal”:

TPM estimates 10:15-10:30 for the final votes. Today’s been one of those zoom in/pullback Hitchcock shots.

karen marie: Getting shitfaced on a freeroll from United Airlines in the first-class cabin is the Preferred Airline of Stinque. It’s time to fly — high as a kite.

@Nabisco: Ooh, good music selection. (I want to be Zooey Deschanel when I grow up.)

ManchuCandidate: Funny — clowns losing on the boats in Indiana still use the “laundry day” theory, given their attire at the tables. Enough Mickey Mouse gear to drive away even the most avoricous Disney execs.

Haysus Atche Cristo, has Nancy Pelosi had another face lift when I wasn’t looking? My usual avatar is looking droopy compared to this weekend’s face.

@karen marie:
They remind me of my late cousin’s wife. Utter spoiled brat. To her, cooperation = getting her way. No give, just take.

Procedural note: Apparently by passing Reconciliation immediately after the Senate Bill, the Senate Bill is “amended” and can’t reach Barry’s desk until the Senate passes the fixes. So saith TPM.

Query: I had the “under” on “March Madness” references from GOP goons at +/- 3.5. Am I able to collect?

(I might have picked the wrong horse — “flawed” seems to be the flavor of the day from the GOP.)

@Barrington Chadsworth IV: Fuck it, I’m going to pick the lowest ranked team in each match-up on MellBell’s 2nd chance bracket. Can’t do worse than the sea of red that is my current Round One bracket.

/pass the cheetos. Is it just me or does the HomoFascist basement smell kinda moldy?

@chicago bureau:
So the Repubs are summoning the ghost of Ronnie. Sooner or later his iconic status will get shot to shit when some Teabagger accuses him of being occasionally pragmatic. Pragmatism=compromise=treachery. I liked the Repub who brought up the fact that HCR would never fit in with the Founding Father’s vision. Oh yeah, the slaveowners.

No flat cardboard men better come to my house and give me any shit.

Qualified for the 9 mm semi auto and .357 magnum revolver in the classroom and shooting portion of the concealed carry permit process. I got robbed on the 9 mm test. The instructor didn’t count hits where they went through another hole, so I only got a 92. Team Stinque out shot all the other revolver shooters, however. Scored 100 on that one from 3 and 7 yards. All 18 of my shots at close range hit an area the size of a rose.

A Mexican guy from Texas and I were talking about the TBag threat at lunch today. He said he went to a gunsmith he used to do business with in Albuquerque when a couple of TBs came into the shop. “They started talking the Tea Bag language – there was so much anger there.” My new friend gave his guy the heave ho. The instructor was seething in the next room watching Fox on the HC debate and listening to us talk smack about the TBs. But, like I said, I let the holes in the paper do the talking, switching between the snubnose revolver and the Glock throughout the day.

I didn’t do my best shooting today, but did well enough. I never shot drills or qualification at a formal range from a firing line with a range master or had any real instruction in shooting. It was fun. Hope to get to do it again soon with some of the cats from the class.

@Nabisco: Using my “lowest ranked team wins every game” approach to bracketology (why the hell not?) Cornell will become the first Ivy League team to win the championship since….. _____________________. Anyone?

A: Never. The closest an Ivy League team has been to the NCAA men’s basketball championship are the Dartmouth teams of ’42 and ’44, who lost to Stanford and to Utah.

/I love Wikipedia.

RML: You’re a poker player, right? I would imagine you’ve been up against some idiots who want to get into a face-washing bit over a penny-ante pot when they’ve been called out on a silly bluff they made?

Nice curveball Lungren tried to throw: Voting on the executive order.

SanFranLefty: I think Princeton won back in the late 1930s, if I recall correctly.

@chicago bureau: There are now drinking-age adults born after Ronnie left office.

@nojo: I lurve Lundgren. Was Sec of State in the 90s if I remember right. Loathed him even in that nuthin’ position.

nojo: I now feel old. Thanks for that.

(Of course, I wasn’t wearing bow-ties while in college, in my early 20s, when I was of that age. But still.),

GOPer lojik : 3/5 of a man only needs 3/5 healthcare.

Wow that’s pretty good. I’m just happy I can keep everything within a 6 inch circle.

Uh-oh — here comes Mr. Permatan, John Boehner.

@chicago bureau: I now feel old.

Please. You could say the exact same thing about me and Ike in 1980.

Boehner: “Reflecting on a year of bipartisanship.” Good God Almighty.

@chicago bureau: Not a card player. Guy in my class did bring a five shot derringer today, though. Perfect for Old West gambler.

Mystery solved: Boehner gets that look by rubbing his face in shit.

Actually: Boehner looks paler than usual. Something’s wrong here.

Boehner getting shouty now. “HELL NO YOU HAVEN’T!” Like he would have voted “yes” if the bill had fucking sirens on it as it wound its way through five committees.

Holy fuck, John Bohner is doing the angry teabagger two-step.

What a douchebag.

Oh, he wants a voice vote — is he hoping for people to drop dead during the call of 430 some-odd reps? (Yes — it will make for a good 30 second ad for targeted districts. But still: BOOOO!)

Boehner wouldn’t know Blackstone if Whiteacre bit him in the ass and called him Sally.

@chicago bureau: It’s only 10:12 Eastern, which ruins the “dead of night” talking point.

I want Boehner to weep like a little baby. C’mon Johnny: cry! Cry, you little pissant!

Listening to Boehner is making me more stupid by the second.

@karen marie: I give him zero points — and may God have mercy on his soul.

Don’t fuck this one up, Nancy.

@Tommmcatt Loves The Giant Floating Head: Wardrobe change? Or did the purple just appear gray earlier?

Nancy bringing up The Stimulus on this. Huh?!?

I’ll give him credit. Boehner has a good speechwriter, even if everything contained in the speech is demagoguery, fear mongering and lies, drenched in heaps and heaps and heaps of hypocrisy.

Bipolar disorder in the house! Why did she make that an example, exactly?

Nice shit-eating grin from Nancy a few seconds ago.

I’m wondering — how much a part did she play in getting the deal struck with Stupak et al in re Ladybits this time around?

@Serolf Divad: I set a household record for “fuck yous” hurled at the TV during that raft of shit.

@SanFranLefty: She’s drooping now. Her hair is thinning. She should take some time off after this one is in the bag.

I like what Pelosi is saying. It amazes me that Democrats haven’t made a bigger deal out of the disincentive to entreperneurial action that our current health system entails.

I trying not to get distracted by all her flubs, but it’s hard. Get this woman a teleprompter!

Pelosi is coming across as authentic… a concerned grandmother wanting to do what’s best for her grandkids. Boehner sounded like a dishonest politician who once worked as a used car salesman. Win for Pelosi.

@rptrcub: Presumably it’s a reference to mental health equity provisions in the bill (assuming there are any – I have no idea), but why bipolar and not, say, depression, who knows?

The takeaway from Nancy: “Don’t fuck with a Grandma.” A rule for life, really.

@Serolf Divad: Yes, but the bill better deliver what they’re saying about it…

Nancy thanked Charlie Rangel. A curious move.

Maybe Boner can get treatment for his skin condition now.

Oh, shit… South Carolina. Here comes the craaaayzee.

HR 3590 still carries the original title — it was gutted by the Senate to insert the reform bill.

Oh, so David Obey (D-U Rah Rah Wissss-connnn–nnnnn-sinnnn) rejects the voice vote shit by Boehner. So there.

Another douchebag delay … thanks to Tan-in-a-Can Boehner.

C-Span should lease the Jeopardy theme for House votes.

Actually, a douchebag-ectomy would be more critical, no?

nojo: EXCELLENT! Does better than Vivaldi interlude reserved for C-SPAN 2, in all honesty.

@chicago bureau:

I say let’s get the Teabaggers further riled up. My vote goes to the “Imperial March” from Star wars.

Dem votes in favor stuck on 185 for a long time here. So there’s about 40 fence-sitters, give or take. Good Christ.

@Serolf Divad: Now that you mention it, Carmina Burana is the appropriate choice.

As an adopted Methodist, I feel kinda proud that Nancy mentioned them supporting the bill.

Maybe Flight the of Valkyries?

@chicago bureau:

She also threw some big props at Black Eagle for this vote, when the reality is that it was her heel marks up and down Emanuel’s back that gave Barak the backbone to go for it, and it was her leadership that corralled the majority.

This is an extraordinary bad bill that will become historically bad law, but…

I’ve gotta give Nancy the credit she is due, and admire what she pulled off this night.

Now at 200. At 216, Boner goes limp [rimshot].


Let’s save that for the signing ceremony… when Barry is wearing a turban and signing the bill on a copy of the Koran.

@mellbell: I am sitting in a hospital waiting room watching Spanish language tv and following this whole thing by iPhone through you guys and huffpo, so it could be either.

Hard labor starting, by the way. Just saw my sister, and just like last time, I am wishing I had stayed at home with the grandfathers instead of coming here with the women and my brother in law. I can’t stand that my sister is hurting.

Bleh. Women are SO much stronger than men, almost every time.

Sorry for the digression. I return you now to your regularly-scheduled sausage-fest.

Yeah, 216 BITCHES!!! 2 fucking 16!!!! Lick my sweaty nutsack Teabaggers!

Senate Bill WIN! Cue the Strauss rhythmic clapping Socialist Victory march!

ADD: 219:212 — That’s a BINGO!

217… now no one cast the “tiebreaking vote.” Suck it!

/claps from Canada City

It’s a start.

@flippin eck, nojo, et al: “And Justice for All”, Metallica.

Halls of Justice Painted Green
Money Talking
Power Wolves Beset Your Door
Hear Them Stalking
Soon You’ll Please Their Appetite
They Devour
Hammer of Justice Crushes You

While we’re there, can we nationalize the banks?

@ManchuCandidate: We still suck, but somewhat less if this thing gets thru.

Gawd, you don’t want to see locker-room interviews later…

Motion to recommit now on the reconciliation. Yawn.

@chicago bureau: Well, this means the Repugs now support the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, and Gator-Aid.

nojo: Boehner in his shorts and with a towel wrapped around his neck, giving praise to Jeebus in spite of the loss.

Motion to recommit is in re LADYBITS — naturally.

OMG — it’s passed and the Republicans have commenced official whining on the floor!

nojo: And now the Distinguished Gentleman from Michigan is drinking Haterade. All in the name of pure and unsullied LADYBITS.

@nojo: And don’t want the other Reps to know what’s in the motion?

Strange… I don’t hear cheering and fireworks outside…

Come on. These people are interfering with my enjoyment of British House of Commons tape-delay coverage on C-SPAN. For SHAME!

So this is the most massively pro-abortion bill to come before the congress since Roe v. Wade (which never came before the congress) and Barack Obama is the more pro-abortion president in history.

Is it even possible for Republicans to speak in anything other than absurd hyperbole?

Serolf Divad: I’m calling a foul. Democrats have a patent on unnecessary umbrage at trivial shit.

Oh, they bring out Stupak against the motion to recommit. Bold.

We’re getting our money’s worth from Bart.

@chicago bureau:

Would the prime minister not agree with me that his wife is a whore and his children are the bastard offspring of an illegitimate, sinful, lust inspired animalistic rite of primitive copulation?

God, I love prime minister’s questions.

Boy — Black Eagle must have given him a backroom favor, to mention which would be contrary to the rules of decorum of the House.

Srsly: Bart Stupak has gotten his money’s worth out of his stand for pure/unsullied LADYBITS. Mastery.

Serolf Divad: And PMQs are getting sexy as we run up to British Election 2010 — THE RECKONING. My money’s on the Slightly Silly Party.

@chicago bureau: But give him credit — strong statement in favor of pre/postnatal care, which you usually don’t hear from the anti-abortion crowd.

@chicago bureau: Bart didn’t like being dissed by a bunch of loser Republicans — because if they’re right, all he got from Obama was an air kiss.

C-SPAN to viewer comments mode. Aaaaand, [mute button pressed].

@chicago bureau: Well, this is largely as I predicted, except that the Silly Party won. I think this is largely due to the number of votes cast.

@nojo: The argument being that, if poor women know they can get health care for an infant, they will be less inclined to abort.

nojo: Roger that.

Dodgerblue: That ex-order is going to be reserved for the quadrennial “let’s throw our anti- (pro-) abortion supporters a bone” immediately after the new President takes office. You watch.

Casa RML special: Drinks are on the house.

nojo: “And Alec Douglas-Home was won, for the Stone Dead Party!”

(For Election Night geeks like me, that sketch is in the top five Python bits ever.)

Motion to recommit fix-it bill FAIL — 225 “no” votes thus far.

Query: any idea how many votes there are for reconciliation over in The Other Body?

@chicago bureau: Harry waved a letter yesterday showing 51 votes or something. That’s what gave House Dems the strength to drop Demon Pass.

@nojo: “drop Demon Pass”

You’ve been watching Chicago Bears football, it seems.

FLOTUS on Simpsons???? OMFG, the East Coasters didn’t blow it for me!

I feel like calling up C-SPAN and going all sports-radio on them.

“Boehner and Cantor totally choked, man. They did not live up to the hype, bay-bee! The Dems finally sacked up and showed that they can play when the chips are down. Dems will win the conference! WOOOOO!”

(On second thought: I’ll pass on that.)

LADYBITS motion to recommit fails 232:199 — now, final passage. And they drag out Dingell to ask for yeas/nays.

Dingell calls for recorded vote? Not the opposition? Are they trying to nail down Republicans?

Steve Benen: “During [Stupak’s] remarks, an unidentified Republican lawmaker shouted, ‘Baby killer!’ at the Michigan Democrat.”

L. Russert commenting on MSNBC about “disgust” from GOPers towards Stupak. Interesting.

Fox: RNC has Blue Dogs and Stupakians in their sights.

Wow — they’re still working in Barney Frank’s office. I’m a constituent, so I called to leave him a congratulatory message and someone answered the phone! w00t!

And: Dems hit their number! Fix-it bill passes. Your move, Harry.

Dun & Dun. Stay tuned for White House remote.

Done with Fox spying — when Krauthammer showed up, I couldn’t reach the remote fast enough.

TPM: “In a statement, Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), whose election was seen by some as the death knell for health care, said, ‘Today’s vote shows that leaders in Washington continue to ignore the will of the people.'”

Um, I don’t recall giving Massachusetts my proxy.

@nojo: I want a name, and I want a public trial (if provided for in the House rules).

I’m just so relieved that this is over, I’m sitting here watching the remarks by House Democratic leadership on C-Span, including Henry Waxman.

Who cut him off at the knees?

I had no idea he was so short! (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Thought to be Radanovich (?) of CA.

CA GOPers say it was someone from Tejas. No one in Tejas wants to fess up.

OMG — you peeps iz missing it!

At the end of the remarks by everyone, as they were wrapping up, Nancy Pelosi gave a shout out to her husband, the camera swung over and he was standing off to the side.

You had to see it to believe it. He was wearing a suit, no tie, with the top three buttons undone on his shirt.

My jaw is still on the floor.

This may explain the scarf.

Oh, brother — they’re still blathering on over at C-Span. Stupak has been answering questions for quite a while (wow, reasonably intelligent questions!), just spent several minutes explaining how he is going to work hard to make sure “what the bishops want” is made law.

It just blows my mind to hear a member of congress casually discussing making Catholic doctrine American law.

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