Stinque Launches BozoGate Billboard Campaign

Christine O’Donnell says her dad played a Local Bozo in Philadelphia. We can’t find the evidence. We demand that all politics in Our Blessed Nation cease until we uncover the truth about the Greatest Scandal of Our Time.


1. A Very Special Stinque Investigation

2. “Where’s the Bozo Certificate?” Billboard

3. Channel Your Outrage Into Our Bank Account

4. The Times Rides Again

5. The Reckoning

6. Adventures in Surrealism: BozoGate on Countdown

7. It’s Always Bozo in Philadelphia


Who says we can’t do original reporting??!! This is important work we’re doing here!

@blogenfreude: No shit, Sherlock!

It really is true — “if it stinques, we’re on it!”

New Stinque theme song?

While others just talk and talk
Somebody’s watching where The others don’t walk.

Maybe he played Frank Rizzo’s double when Frank was out of town.

@SanFranLefty: Your boys made it to the Playoffs.

Greetings from a pizza joint in Fairhope, Alabama.

It would give her an important heritage as Bozetta was a long lost character in La Boheme who was supposed to do Mimi’s solo. Word had it the singer who Puccini cast for the role of Bozetta lovingly stuffed meatballs in Puccini’s asshole and performed oral sex, until they had some kind of falling out. The margin notes in the libretto are terse and don’t explain the extraction of the character.

@FlyingChainSaw: More like Fauxetta. We can’t even take her word that her dad was a Bozo.

@DElurker: Oh, wow! Rizzo! WELCOME, DElurker. Let’s meet up at Total Wine and More one day!

Oh, and we had Bozo in Philly? Captain Noah — yes. (I was even on his show.) Bozo? Are we sure O’Donnell’s dad wasn’t playing the clown in Capturing the Friedmans?

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