BozoGate: The Reckoning

Well! That was fun!

Problem is, BozoGate was only the third weirdest Christine O’Donnell story Monday. Damn, it’s a jungle out there.

But let’s recap: The New York Times has now clarified its story that Celibabe’s dad played Bozo in Philadelphia — his “signature gig,” as first described. After a squadron of Bozo Truthers questioned the factual basis of that assertion, Dad came forward to explain that he wasn’t the official, accredited Local Bozo, but a Bozo Stringer who would fill in for personal appearances and such as needed.

We’re glad we didn’t grow up in Philly, because we would have been ten at the time, and we’d be crushed to learn now that we’ve been living a lie all these years, thinking we had met the real Bozo. Or a real Bozo.

As it happens, the Times follow-up post was very generous to us, quoting almost all of our best lines. Much less generous, alas, was TPM, the latest home of Mommy 1.0 — and the site everybody in the chattersphere links to — which riffed on the Times post, but stripped our credit in the story to a mere generic “uprising of online commenters.”

Ahem. While other folks on the Interwebs certainly noticed that “Daniel O’Donnell” didn’t appear on Wikipedia’s Local Bozo page, we owned that story, and we have the billboards to prove it. Not only that, the Times post only cited us in general, and newly promoted Stinque Senior Clown Correspondent karen marie in particular.

Geez, TPM, if only you had responded to our original Saturday email, instead of waiting until Monday afternoon’s second message, maybe you could have had that scoop, instead of sloppy seconds.

(Much more responsive Monday was the Delaware Liberal website, which quickly turned around an “anonymous tip” by Stinque Senior Anonymous Tipster RML, who must have punched out at least a dozen messages on our behalf while we all should have been racking up billable client hours yesterday.)

So: Is that it? Have we come to the end of our journey?

The Times update broke Monday afternoon, so we may yet see some fallout today. But, as alluded to above, BozoGate has to compete with SecretAgentGate and IAmNotAWitchGate for attention. And really, even as absorbed as we are in All Things O’Donnell, even we have to admit a certain degree of Celibabe Exhaustion. America, you can have too much of a good thing.

Unless, of course, a new Shocking Revelation! breaks today. Because honestly, we’re gluttons for punishment.


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Xtine O’Donnell is the clown car of US American Senate Candidates.

Just when you think the revelations are done, out pops another one.

/Cue Circus Muzik/

Christine O’Donnell is what happens when a little girl realizes that her daddy is a (local) Bozo understudy.

The comment (from the thread at Delaware Liberal) that sums it all up:

You know your campaign has jumped the shark when clown experts are called in.

@karen marie: Congratulations on your newly exalted position in the Stinque hierarchy. If some of the Teabaggers – I’m looking at you Rand Paul – actually get themselves elected, the workload of the Stinque Senior Clown Correspondent will be staggering these next six years.

One question though. Will you be taking over the Stinque Palin desk since the entire clan easily falls under the clown umbrella?

@karen marie: Kudos. Your plastic squirting lapel flower is in the mail from Stinque HQ.

@Dave H: since the entire clan easily falls under the clown umbrella?

An “insane clown posse” perchance, or has that already been deployed?

I’m as far south as you can go in Alabama without being a pelican. People are very polite but man, they talk funny.

@Dodgerblue: I don’t know which is scarier: south Alabama or Mississippi. Traveling with two gay guys, a Latino man, and a Korean was very interesting when we stopped for rest breaks in both states on our way to the oil slicked bayous.

@rptrcub: Nothing beats the Waffle House in Amarillo, Texas. Jr and I walked in, conversation ended, all eyes were on us, and we walked right back out.

@Nabisco: @Dave H: I’m just happy that I have finally earned the confidence shown by my fellow Stinquers in allowing me to join the Stinquebox.

@JNOV: I recently was the only non-white person is the Billings, Montana Fudruckers.

@Dodgerblue, rcub: Mississippi wasn’t so bad for me, nor was Montana. I can hang with country people so regardless of what they think of Indians as a group, I’ve always been treated well (racking up the reimbursable travel expenses probably helps). And, as DB notes, people are very friendly.

@redmanlaw: I recently was the only white person on a crowded bus. No one seemed to care.

@ManchuCandidate: I once read an internet post describing sarah palins womb as a clown car. I guess that’s why o’donnell remains celibate. She doesn’t want to become that palinish.

@redmanlaw: Dude. I almost moved there when I got out of the military. I checked demographic information and was like, “Um. Maybe the CA Inland Valley would be a better choice.” It wasn’t. Good on you for enjoying your meal.

That’s not to say that we haven’t been the only People of Brown Pigment in certain places that you would expect to be unwelcoming — we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the way we were treated in some small towns along the NC/SC border, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous. I wasn’t worried so much about me or about my safety, but I was worried about how Jr would be treated. As long as I’m not tan, I can pretty much pass. Jr? Not so much.

@karen marie, Stinque Senior Clown Correspondent: Very nice, but I was kinda hoping for Bozo Truther.

@JNOV: A friend who’s a MtoF transgender took a faculty job at a large university in upstate SC. She asked me how I thought people would react. My advice: act like a lady and you’ll be treated like one. So far, the only harassment she’s experienced has been from the edumacated eee-leets on the university faculty.

@Mistress Cynica: I was moved by Jennifer Finney Boylan’s She’s Not There. She’s also a MtF professor, but she teaches at Colby College. IIRC, the edumacated eee-leets were more of a bane than anyone else was.

@Mistress Cynica: So sad! Now it’s not letting me sign in with my new name!

Hey, Tomcatt — can you give me step-by-step instructions in the sandbox?

UPDATE: Well, duh! Fucking technology — how does it work?

Anyway, I figured this nick would better cover any future events.

@redmanlaw: @JNOV: It’s different in Texas for black people than for brown or red. I’ve never had a problem anywhere, ever. Even in Jasper, I got a couple of side glances but no stares or anything menacing.

COTD at Althouse:

I have nothing but contempt for those self pitying clowns. If you want to know public hostility try being a mime. The mockery of mimes is as widespread as the mimicry of Robert DeNiro. But in spite of their ill treatment, these silent witnesses continue their brave struggle to illuminate the human condition. They weren’t put on this earth for your casual amusement. Give them your respect and sympathy. This goes double for those mimes who are afflicted with Tourette’s syndrome.

Meanwhile, looks like the party’s moving on. So many clowns, so little time.

Albuquerque kiddie TV hosts get shot. It’s a tough town.

“There was a show in Albuquerque called Captain Billy,” recalls Mike Judge. “He was a local guy and he’d show cartoons and you’d go there for your birthday and he got shot (and killed) because he was fooling around with someone else’s wife. I remember my mom trying to explain it to me. I was asking her, ‘Why did he get shot?’ And she goes, ‘Maybe he was just hugging her to say, “good job,” and someone walked in and saw it and shot him.’ ”

“Given this childhood trauma, it’s no wonder this clean-cut 33-year-old grew up to create two of the most twisted and subversive characters in the history of animation, Beavis and Butthead . . . ”




Oh-My-FSM! Does this mean we have to clean up our language and start acting like (so-called) normal people?

@¡Andrew!: Actually, I think it means I’d better post a welcome message in the next forty minutes or so…

@nojo: Jeez, think you’ll get a credit? Does this mean I have to start wearing pants?

If this plays as expected… Well, we’re not set up for a burst of traffic.

Server crash to come…

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: Looks like he’s gonna make a meal of it, and we’re the main course.

There’s a reason I included “” in the billboard graphics…

@nojo: First question to you must be answered: “Does this mean you’ll buy ad space now, Keith, or do I have to watch my language?”

Then throw Chainsaw Nadine under the bus.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: I’ll give you by best shoes, but you may not have my best pants for the occasion.

@Signifying Nothing: Don’t worry, if we get play, I’ll run the video in the morning.

@Signifying Nothing: ditto. I just checked the web feed on this end of the planet, and #5 was about Tea Party vs. Middle Class. It may be a day late….

@nojo: Clowns and Mimes are bitter enemies, this was documented in Shakes the Clown, the greatest alcoholic clown movie ever made.

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