BozoGate: Adventures in Surrealism

Ladies and gentlemen, Keith Olbermann presents BozoGate, starring Angry Bob as Bozo, Michael Musto as Random Witch, and about a minute in, A Very Special Cameo by Stinque, playing the part of Bozo Truthers in the crowd scene.

[ MSNBC Flash video not available. ]

Honestly, if this keeps up, we’ll be forced to break Celibabe’s Commandment and violate ourself.


1. A Very Special Stinque Investigation

2. “Where’s the Bozo Certificate?” Billboard

3. Channel Your Outrage Into Our Bank Account

4. The Times Rides Again

5. The Reckoning

6. Adventures in Surrealism: BozoGate on Countdown

7. It’s Always Bozo in Philadelphia


And, we’re back. Who linked to us?


What the fuck happened? I try to get onto the site and I couldn’t get on.

It must have been someone else big. It wasn’t really Maureen Dowd, just a blog that appears dedicated to her…

Last time this happened, Weigel tweeted a link to us and the server crashed. So I’m figuring something similar — Friendly Fire DoS, as it were.

@SanFranLefty: I saw that, but I can’t imagine that blog gets THAT much traffic…

@SanFranLefty: That’s a blog about Dowd, not by her, and we’ve been in its automated blogroll for quite some time. I’m thinking the Fatal Link came from elsewhere.

@nojo: Perhaps someone with extra large Tweets…

Here’s all I know so far…

When the site came back up, this post had about thirty hits — which means the crush came sometime after 7 a.m. Eastern, probably when somebody else was posting a morning roundup. It could be a Demon Tweet, it could be an email link. Can’t find anything telling on the Web yet.

@SanFranLefty: She posted that yesterday, and we did fine. She was also the main source of our Wonkette-bashing traffic wayyyy back in the day, and we did fine then as well.

Did we hit The Note or something? It takes hundreds of hits at once to do this.


Hmm. Still trying to figure it out.

ADD: Crooks and Liars? Wall Street Journal?

@SanFranLefty: Nothing at C&L this morning, but we’ve never had a problem with their links before.

All the other “bozo stinque” Google hits are from yesterday — can’t find anything fresh yet.

Does being a group of Bozo Truthers make us the Happy Villagers of the 2010 election? When Snorri gets his head out of the hot springs maybe we can get an official ruling.

@nojo: Maybe COD got together with Palin and Bachmann in a wood somewhere during the wee hours of the morning and cast an evil web spell over the Stinque server.

O/T: Does it make me evil to want to slash the tires of the SUV from somewhere out in Cobb County that I found in the parking lot because of the John Galt sticker on the rear window? Right next to the large stick figure family, natch.

@Dave H: I am in the Bates motel in the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. Yet.

Ég er having skötuselur fyrir miðdegisverður, Þakka þú mjög mikill, y’all.

@Dave H: We have met the Happy Villagers and they are us. Commence Act 2…

I think the best part of this whole thing is the sublime beauty of the Not the MSNBC Ad tagline being broadcast on MSNBC.

@flippin eck: Me too. I would have thought they would blur it. Nojo might have to add a link there to the old post explaining why it is called the Not the MSNBC Ad.

@flippin eck: @SanFranLefty: Somewhere a hapless intern is begging for mercy.

My first effort to post this was eaten by hamsters.

In related clown news, it appears that Brazil subjects its political clowns to stricter scrutiny than we do.

I’m not sure whether I approve. However, I do find it amusing to contemplate subjecting our Congresscritters to a literacy test. Just imaging getting to grade Michele Bachmann’s exam.

Oh, we’re back. I felt so lonely this morning — also because I was in Mobile, Alabama. I mean, it’s a third-world extractive economy run by local warlords. Remind you of anyplace?

She never even graduated from Clown College.

Well, I’m stumped. Just looked at the actual server logs, and I don’t see anything that would have triggered a crash. (Or, technically, a very severe bogdown.)

Our good friend Jesus’ General linked to us last night, and we’ve been seeing some visitors from his post, but not enough to Weigel us.

Witchcraft remains as good an explanation as anything else.


My job.

Hey, did Manchu do this yet? No? Then ok:

Beep once , Honk Twice, on your red nose
To let the local kiddies know,
That here you are a part-time Bozo

If Christine says the time is right,
Wash greasepaint off, tonight’s the night
And show the world a part-time Bozo!

We’ve got hot teabagger passion on the run
Chasing truth up to the hot sun
We are searching T.V. Oldies Websites all the night
Knowing she’s so wrong, and punking the right!

Kieth Olberman posted our name
And Ann Althouse she did the same
Everyone wants in on the game
Oh, part-time Bozos
Back in the day, a part-time Bozo
And now Christine, a full-time Bozo.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: Speaking of, y’alls shareholder services (it’s a long story) have been pissing me off lately.


Haha, “Shareholder Services”. In Mousespeak, that means YOU service THEM.

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media: Just got a follow-up call that went very well. May have to revisit my opinion of them.

@mellbell: That’s how influential stinque is these days. One mention here and people get their shit squared away.

Huzzah! Bouncing in cleanly off a New Delhi server straight into HQ – good morning, stinquedom!

@nojo: What about The Caucus? Commenter #20 helpfully included a linque along with her/his left coast support for sensible satire.

@Nabisco: We can actually handle a well-spaced deluge. When Althouse linked to us back in the day, we had thousands of hits on the Wonkette-bashing post. But a few weeks ago Weigel tweeted a link to us, and his thousands of followers descended all at once. That’s what brings the house down.

By the way, I’m glad the Times came through when it did — I had run out of ideas for continuing the campaign.

Although I did spend some time thinking about how to work Orly into it.

@Nabisco: Yes, er…

Commenter #20 is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve never known in my life.

Am I the only who noticed that we were running an ad for Bachmann when the site was shown on MSNBC?

@nojo: Maybe change the name on the banner to Bozo Truthers for 24 hrs?


And in San Francisco too! What a co-incidence! I wonder if Lefty knows her.

@nojo: Thanks for posting the video! Did we ever figure out who crashed the server? I know of one liberal arts college where the link has gone viral. They were waiting on the video since last night.

@Signifying Nothing: Maybe they can invite NojoHamster and the Senior Clown Correspondent to come speak to the Media Studies Department on a panel “How to Launch an Internet Meme by Simply Investigating the Truth”

@Signifying Nothing: No clue yet. I’m waiting for the midnight Google Analytics report.

@SanFranLefty: LOVE! If these luminaries are amenable and ever available, I think it could be a good time! The ICP pic was a winner.

ADD: Oh. It seems our Senior Clown Correspondent is all clowned out. Fucking Bozos! They lie about work.

@nojo: Meanwhile my Ess Eff buddies the Myth Busters Jamie and Adam are interviewed on Story #1 on Keef Oh talking about jet packs and how Faux News got pwned on the LAPD story. But more importantly, where is my secret SOMA Trader Joe’s boyfriend Grant Imahara?

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