eMeg Burns Through $140 Million, Still Can’t Overcome Aging Hippie

“Whitman still ended September with less cash on hand than her Democratic rival, Jerry Brown. According to his latest finance report, Brown enters the final stretch of the campaign with nearly $23 million in the bank, compared with Whitman’s $9.2 million. All told, Brown has spent roughly $11 million on the race — though that sum doesn’t include millions spent on TV ads on his behalf by labor unions in the state.” [Yahoo]


4:14 pm • Wednesday • October 6, 2010

Other things are happening? Yay!

4:18 pm • Wednesday • October 6, 2010

@karen marie, clowned out and grateful for other news: That, and a handful of Fun Stories we missed during the Bozo Interregnum. Too late to catch up with them now.

4:26 pm • Wednesday • October 6, 2010

They really need to hand that Yahoo “reporter” a towel – I think she’s still got the US Chamber of Commerce’s jizz on her face. Awfully convenient to mention the union ads but omit the anti-Brown ads being run with (possibly non-US) corporate donations…

4:28 pm • Wednesday • October 6, 2010

She reminds me of the suckers… um… ebay customers who keep piling on with frantic bids because it ceases to be about “I want that Batman collector plate” to “FUCK YOU!!! I MUST WIN!!!!!!”

Personal note: I go on ebay once in a while to see if I can buy stuff. I learned real fast that there are a lot of folks who let ego and not logic dictate the price (which I think is the ebay bidniz model.) If one of them really pisses me off, I’m not above testing to see how high they’re willing to go and jack up the price. And no, I’ve never (so far) found myself with an overpriced tchotchke because I overestimated their ego.

4:37 pm • Wednesday • October 6, 2010

Gotta watch out for aging hippies. We can be dangerous if crossed (and we’re awake).

5:39 pm • Wednesday • October 6, 2010

Geez, while we were distracted by 15 minutes of fame, look what we missed! The birth of an internet meme.

5:48 pm • Wednesday • October 6, 2010

@Walking Still:

Hippies? Where?

Let me get mah punchin’ glove.

5:56 pm • Wednesday • October 6, 2010

@Tommmcatt Thinks Masturbation Can Also Involve The Mainstream Media:

Be careful with that electric punch. It’s got a kick to it.

6:11 pm • Wednesday • October 6, 2010

I was about to do a post on this but Nojo beat me to the 6 pm slot with the swarthy Latino ads.

So I present to you,Nutmeg and CarlyDemonSheep will not appear with Talibunny and Michael Steele at Orange County fundraiser. Probably just as well, the comic opportunities of the four of them together would be too much.

8:25 pm • Wednesday • October 6, 2010

@SanFranLefty: Not to mention what the combination of so much ego and so much stupid in one locale could do to the space-time continuum.

10:20 pm • Wednesday • October 6, 2010

@Mistress Cynica: I know, it would also allow Nojo to queue up two weeks’ worth of posts and take a well-deserved vacation to Hawaii.

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