Fine, But We’re Not Parting With Our Keane

This is real. We swear. We just saw it nailed to a utility pole across from the Stinque World Domination Pub. But we prefer to think that Andy’s sending some bitchin’ street art from the Other Side.


You won’t sell your collection of Family Circus cartoons?

@Dave H: Hell, no! The single nostrils are collector’s items.

Bryder historie her i formiddag:

Friedman gets everything wrong again!!!

Today the editors of the New York Times proudly unveil a new column by Thomas Friedman in which for the first time he gets everything wrong about everything. The editors believe this column might be historic inasmuch as previous columns by this opinionator have only got most things wrong. Today’s column sets a new standard of excellence which has attracted the attention of David Brooks who calls it “awesome” and “inspiring”.

I andre nyheder:

Europe hears about Teabaggers and goes Meh.

@Snorri Haraldsson:
snorri, i know how fond you are of the Scotts. i got my widdle beast from hell from one. give me a few words or phrases i can lay on her…we’re having lunch today. her brogue is so thick i honestly have an easier time understanding french and hebrew, which i do not speak. she claims she is speaking english. as you know, the scottish tongue is mos def not english.

@baked: Lang may yer lum reek. (a humorous toast meaning may your chimney smoke for a long time, implying long life and health.)

Here’s tae us, wha’s like us? damn few! (Another toast. The Scots drink a fierce amount. Meaning ‘Here’s to us, who’s like us? damn few.

Also, from time to time sigh out softly, “Aye, well!” The scottish equivalent of “Oy!”

The one thing to remember is to never refer to the people, place or things as being ‘scotch.’ That mean the drink. And tartan is the fabric, plaid is that long piece of tartan you throw over your shoulder.

@Snorri Haraldsson:
THANK YOU MUM! jumping in the shower to go meet her and lay it on!
(oh yes, there WILL be toasting–perfect!)

This is a test of the National Gravatar Exchange.

Yay! It works!

I kept reading that sign as “24-hr Massage Service,” and I kept trying to see the connection. The Massage Factory? I dunno.

@karen marie: Yay!

TJ/ Screw this teaching stuff. I have NO downtime, and The Black Dog is chasing me. I don’t know if I’m cut out for this, and the learning curve is steep for my students and for me. ::sigh::

@Snorri Haraldsson: Is that Gàidhlig? Have you seen Ashley MacIsaac’s live performance of Sleepy Maggie? (Hush, all of you who’ve seen me link to this video a million times!) Wait for the high-kicking ending.

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