cillizzaweb0518Chris Cilizza, on torture:

Asked whether such tactics were justified, 53 percent of the overall sample said they wereand 34 percent said they were not. […]

On the question of whether such techniques have yielded information that has made the country safer, 52 percent of all respondents said they had while 39 percent said they had not.

It doesn’t matter if 53 percent or 100 percent of the respondents think torture is justified.  It’s a federal crime.  It’s an international crime. And we are required by treaty to prosecute everyone involved.

Cilizza Uses GOP Poll to Claim that ‘Most’ Americans Say Torture is ‘Justified’ [ThinkProgress]

If there was any doubt in your mind, Rachel’s clear explanation of how we became a nation of torturers will erase it.

Part 2 after the jump:

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Somewhere on the Eastern Shore of Maryland …

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All the lines are vintage Rummy except two. And no, I have no idea why I did this.

“Tan-in-a-Can” Boehner slips up and tells the truth.

just-no-organ-failure-please1More of that Bush legacy we’re hearing so much about:

1) Condi approved waterboarding first.

2) Holy Joe can’t figure out whether he likes waterboarding or not.

3) John “Torture” Yoo booed, still clueless.

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