If there was any doubt in your mind, Rachel’s clear explanation of how we became a nation of torturers will erase it.


Part 2 after the jump:



Last week we got an almost daily dose of Obama reversals on transparency, human rights and commitment to the rule of law. Accompanied by an almost daily revelation in the press to keep the torture issue in the forefront.

If this pace keeps up, we might get the shitstorm we really need to clean house.

Horse race TJ: an announcer just got to say the following words, without fear of laughter or recrimination: “I rode both his mother and his grandmother years ago“.

Nabisco: Of note: the 4 horse today is called “Luv Gov.” Obvious reference (and it makes sense, as the horse is owned by a Saratoga doyenne named Marylou Whitney).

Broader story — Luv Gov is chasing a filly today. Heh.

(Also: it’s hot and wet in Baltimore. OK — that’s enough.)

STINQUE SPORT UPDATE: Rachel Alexandra wires it. Women rise up! And, again — Calvin says geaux, and horse geaux.

Mine That Bird comes from deep to charge up to place; Musket Man third. Luv Gov out of it all the way.

So, what is it that we’re lacking? A modern Walter Cronkite (or the old man himself) to convince middle America that the shithouse needs cleaning?

What I do know is that I await the day that Patrick Leahy can stand in front of Dick Cheney AKA Prisoner No. 239521084 and say “Now, you go fuck yourself, Dick”.

@Nabisco: We’re well beyond the interlocking media monopolies where one voice could carry like that.

Except for the voice of the President of the United States. But, well, you know…

For now, chatter’s all we got, and a few journalists are starting to remember their calling. (McClatchy had a great rep all along, but I’ve only started paying attention to them over the past year.) There’s still the OLC whitewash report to come, and I think something else, so the chatter still has some life in it.

One person who has the stature to drive this sucker is Colin Powell. He could make up for a lot of lost karma by getting in front of the issue.

@nojo: Good suggestion, and this would help him even out the bad karma from his disgraceful performance about WMDs at the U.N.

@nojo: Phenomenal suggestion. Where do I sign up for a “Colin Powell Should Be Deep Throat” petition drive?

Hey, wait a minute. Have we already abandoned our Great Hope for the New Next Thing?

@Nabisco: Where do I sign up for a “Colin Powell Should Be Deep Throat” petition drive?

Wait 5 minutes, and I’m sure there will be a group on Facebook.

Nojo, Blogenfreude, you have created poked a stick at a monster: I just created my first xtranormal movie!


OK, couldn’t resist doing another one. Damn you Stinque, you’ve given me yet another addiction!


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