“Tan-in-a-Can” Boehner slips up and tells the truth.


If you licked him he would taste like Merit Ultra Light 100’s

@smapdi: And thats bad news. I used to smoke Merits and Marlboro lights. Godawful cigarrettes. Then I learned that whats in a cigarette is not even tobaccco, its a brown paper made out of tobacco leaves, then shredded, so it looks like tobacco, but its not.

I am gonna try these e-cigarrettes, they come from China, they are the smokeless device that the tobacco companies came up with in the 80s and which Clinton kiboshed by ruling that they were a drug delivery device. No smoke, an electronic device that looks like a cigarrette uses electric heating elements to heat a liquid solution flavored like tobacco, which gives you the nicotine without any combustion products, and users say the taste is very very close. I love me a nicotine buzz, and why it should be illegal to get a safe nicotine buzz escapes me, these things are basically gray-market now, but politicians are making noise about cracking down on them, the fucking pricks.

Living in a democracy that is dedicated to the rule of law sucks, is what he seems to think. He objects to publicly revealing what is legal and what is illegal under our law. He wants secret laws, dammit, so people won’t know what is legal or illegal, that’ll keep em guessing.

This is a collossal what the fuck moment.

We want our prisoners to think we can torture and kill them, we can’t announce that torture and murder are illegal, then people will think we can’t torture and kill.

This is not logic. This is not sanity. This is fucking evil.

TJ/ Aw, Jeez. Jr might be going to jail. He’s thinking about staging a NAKED protest in DC to protest obscenity laws. He wants people to have the right to walk around naked. Uh. Okay. I am trying to steer him toward more immediate and pressing issues like gay marriage in NY or what will soon be some major fallout from the torture lawyers’ indictments. I don’t know if his naked protest is going to make it off the ground, but he swears that running about naked is protect free speech. Really? I mean, I remember the recent naked bike ride in nojo’s ancestral home, but that’s nojo’s ancestral home and NOT DC.

Naked protesting: protected free speech? Should I start saving up bail money?

I’ve smoked Merits, Newports, and now, Marlboro Lights. Blech. Dumbest damned thing I ever did in my life.

@JNOV: I’m still smoking the american spirit blacks, with “perique” tobacco which is fermented I guess. They’re damn tasty, and STRONG but not all perfumey like cigars. A couple friends of mine just got those smokeless cigarettes, they seem pretty cool and you can “smoke” them inside, but I feel the same about them as I do pot pipes vs. vaporizers, I like the smoke! I know it’ll kill me but what won’t? I love smoky meat, smoky booze, and smoky lungs.

It’s almost as though he knows something and wants to tell us what it is.

Also, I think he might be a bit of a Fancy Lad. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

@Ripley: Who, Boner? Er, Boehner? He could be choking on an acre of dick and he still wouldn’t be fancy.


You know what’s scary about that? I bet someone does….

@JNOV: I truly believe nakedness should be protected by the Constitution. Yay for Jr! Though I sympathize that he won’t get anywhere with that. And not that I’d like to parade my own naked flab around town, but I’d sleep better knowing it’s an option.

My smoke: American Spirit Yellow. Supposedly, it’s just tobacco and not with the hot-dog-style rats and snails and puppy-dog tails. Pure ‘baccy is bad enough I guess, and I’m seriously considering my seventh attempt to give up the evil weed.

This year, sometime…and I’m also going to stop drinking, work out every day, go on a raw vegan diet, and call my dad for a chat at least two times a week. I tried all that once, it lasted about two months.

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket: Gross

It’s funny we are (mostly) all smokers making fun of poor defenseless Boehner.

As for me, I have given up too many things to go one further. Recently converted to Camels. Even with state Democrats conspiring against me with their fire safe cigarettes that make my soul cry.

@smapdi: Camel lights are bearable. Switched to them from Spirit blues, thinking it would then be easier to quit. I, of course, am a fool.

@nojo: I have never felt more at home here.

@smapdi: @nojo: @Pedonator: @drinkyclown: I’m whatever the equivalent of a “dry drunk” ex-smoker is. I think about smoking every fucking minute of every fucking day, am deeply envious of those that still do, even the shriveled walking corpses I see huddling under the eaves in 40 degree w/ rain days.

If I were still a smoker, Id go for Camel lights because they loved me long time for the twenty years we were together. Started out on Merits actually, the yellow pack lights I think. If I fall off the wagon, might try one of them Spirits some day. If I get sent to Bumfuckistan or the Congo, I’ll take along some Camel straights or Gitanes; those are some gritty sticks, word.

@Nabisco: Am I the only one here that doesn’t smoke (or want to)?

“Dear Mommy and Daddy – I am running away. I am sorry but I can no longer handle the monotony of middle class life.

“Everyone at school is a f****** idiot and if one more person talked to me about that Susan Boyle performance of Les Miserables I was going to puke my balls out through my mouth.”

@blogenfreude: I can take it or leave it (weird, I know) but when I do smoke–and that’s mostly when I’m under a deadline for writing–it’s Camel Lights or American Spirit blues, the preferred cigarettes of Stinque. Also like Dunhills, when I’m abroad. Mr Cyn smoked the same brands, but recent financial straits forced him to step down to Pall Malls (shudder). He has a job interview this afternoon (fingers crossed, everyone!) so maybe he’ll be back on teh Camels soon.

@Nabisco: You and me, both.
Started out at 12 stealing Winstons from Mom, then bought L&Ms for awhile. Switched to Lucky Strike straights, which I loved, but I kept losing my voice, so by the age of 17 I had settled on Marlboro, and smoked at least a pack a day of those babies until I was in my late 20’s, when I decided to smoke a pipe. Which I did for several years. Trouble was, I kept burning them out because I chain-smoked my pipe and I also inhaled every puff. Man, there’s nothing like waking up coughing dark, tasty pipe tar from your lungs. So I went back to Marlboros for awhile, but then decided to try cigars. I’d burn through a 50-count box of Dutch Masters Panatelas every week, inhaling each and every wonderful puff. This went on for a few years. Well, by the time I was in my 40’s, my daughter had nagged me to the point where I quit, by using Nicorette gum. I’ve backslid once or twice (Italy, 2002, comes to mind), but have been smoke-free for years now. And yes, I crave nicoteine every minute of every day.

Sort of. I once smoked cigars, but gave it up because it became trendy and too many douchesacks picked up the habit.

Otherwise, I just breathe polluted city air.

@blogenstein, flippin eck: I’ll have a cigar once in a while with a drink, usually only while fishing or hanging in the back yard with a delinquent friend of mine. Even that was too much for Son of RML, who asked me to stop so I pretty much have. Right now I have two little cigars drying out in a window sill that may be beyond smoking. I have been wanting a single malt and a smoke under the stars lately, though.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m fascinated by the economics of smoking, price elasticity and all that. But beyond that, why is it that Pall Malls are cheaper than the other Big Tobacco brands? Yes, Dunhills are nice, the red box. I went out of my way to indulge myself when we were in Istanbul last year.

@Ewalda: It’s been three years and my kids can’t even remember seeing me with a stick in my hand. But I still buy the gum by the 100 pack, just to keep around.

@Nabisco: I had a little work involving a cigarette tax question during our last legislative session. All the provisions relating to the Master settlement agreement, tiers of brands, tax stamps and definitions of units were beyond the comprehension of some, even senior tribal attorneys I talked with on it.

@JNOV: No offense to Jr., but I am vehemently anti-public nakedness. The ugly naked among us far outnumber the foxy naked and all that pasty jiggling will make nauseous.

@Ripley: Trent Lott is a fancy lad. He came and talked to a group of Hill interns a few years back. I have no idea what he was talking about b/c my friend and I were fascinated by the fact that he had not a hair out of place, his skin was buffed and smooth to perfection, and his nails were shiny and perfectly manicured.

@blogenfreude: Can’t handle cigarette or cigar smoke. Makes me sick to my stomach.

@JNOV: @Jamie Sommers: I’m with Jamie on this one. Seeing all the nekkid people who shouldn’t be nekkid each year during Bay to Breakers is enough to make you want to take up a new cause.

Maybe Jr. could re-enact some of the torture memos with his friends outside the White House.

ADD: Trent Lott – Mississippi Metrosexual


You ever been to Folsom Street Fair? Talk about torture!

The people who should be naked never are, in my experience.

@SanFranLefty: I used to enjoy nekkid swimming out in the Hill Country; not Hippie Hollow that was crowded and full of pervs, another place. I could never figure out, however, why my S/O would insist on putting her top on whenever she got up to walk down to the water, but expected me to par-boil my cheeks in the hot Texas sun.

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket: The people who should be naked never are, in my experience.
And vice-versa. It’s one of the rules of life.@Jamie Sommers: @SanFranLefty: @JNOV: Jr should be forced to walk along Miami Beach at the height of German tourist season. Not to mention that an arrest for indecent exposure can land you on a registered sex offender list. There is SO much else to protest.

@JNOV: Send him off to summer camp here, JNOV.

@blogenfreude: Come August of this year, it will be twenty years since I smoked a cigarette. I spent nearly thirty years before that quitting, resuming, quitting, resuming, ad nauseam (except for one halcyon 3-year period at the end of the 1970s, when I did not smoke at all). I have not missed it at all since that last one in 1989, but thank God the whole world had begun to back away from smoking and I was able to stay away from smokers entirely for the first year or two of this last twenty years. Otherwise, I think secondhand smoke might have set me off again. Nicotine, like alcohol, is a wily, sweet-talking liar. “Remember how good it was? Come back to me, darlin’, and I promise I’ll never hurt you again.”

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket:

There’s a rather large guy at my gym–picture Chris Farley–who luuuhves to walk around nekkid and to contort himself into these bizarre yoga poses in the sauna.

I’ve almost had an anxiety attack more than once.

If looks could kill, he would be an Uzi.

Does that mean I’m a body-fascist?

@Original Andrew:

Honey, the the only thing that means is that you have good taste.

Obese sweaty men doing yoga positions=DO NOT WANT

@Original Andrew: @Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket: I had good gym sauna experiences, but had to stop going because it was during a period of my life when I was not having sex and a certain gentleman who I nicknamed “Big Dick Show-&-Tell” caused me much, MUCH frustration.

I love naked, but it just goes to show that be it good or bad, it never quite works out the way you want.


The heat in the sauna & steam room makes orgasms turbo intense–err, not that I would know, tee-hee-hee.

Once again, another Stinque thread that reads like 7-year-old Billy wandering around a very odd neighborhood.

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