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schween-bagWhat the fuck is it with Louisiana politicians? First it was Jindal and volcano monitoring, and now:

Given the recent outbreak of swine flu, Sen. Susan Collins’s (R-ME) push to strip funding for pandemic flu preparedness is looking increasingly shortsighted. But Collins was not the first to campaign against the provision. Indeed, several days prior to Collins’s public push, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) introduced an amendment that would have stripped, among other things, the flu funding provision. In arguing for his amendment on the floor of the senate, Vitter apparently couldn’t fathom how pandemic preparedness could possibly serve to protect the economy, calling it part of a “laundry list of…big government spending items.”

What a fucking idiot.

Stormy warning for after the jump.

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You’re shitting me:

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), whose career became mired in the D.C. Madam prostitution scandal back in 2007, and is now headed into his 2010 re-election campaign, is championing the cause of family values in the omnibus bill, and the need to stop government spending on family planning. Really.

That’s the same David Vitter who did the following:

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I am really, really enjoying this.

Stormy Surges

Vitter Reelection Hopes Sag as Daniels Comes on Strong
NEW ORLEANS, LA.- February  10, 2009 – Today, in an online poll conducted by the Baton Rouge Business Report, potential candidate for senate Stormy Daniels surged to a strong second place finish against incumbent Louisiana Junior Senator David Vitter.  The final numbers were Senator Vitter 39%, Stormy Daniels 32%, and Baton Rouge businessman Jim Bernhard 28%.

Even more surprising than the early strength showed by Daniels  were the anemic numbers of the incumbent, embattled Louisiana Junior Senator David Vitter , who polled under 40%.  Zach Hudson, a spokesman for DraftStormy, said he is encouraged by the numbers.


I’ve got nothing today, but my email tells me that support for Stormy Daniels’ run against David Vitter (R-LA) for his Senate seat is “swelling”:

We thought we had momentum last week, but looking back now, we could never have foreseen the excitement that our campaign to Draft Stormy Daniels would generate!

As we near 150,000 visits to, we continue to be amazed at the outpouring of support from individuals united behind a message of honesty, passion and strength of character. Make sure you are kept up to date on our campaign’s efforts by joining the DraftStormy Facebook group and subscribing to the DraftStormy YouTube channel.

Stinquers, we need to help this woman any way we can.


Senator David Vitter (R-LA) pays for fucking.  Stormy Daniels gets paid to fuck. On camera.  She’s a stripper and a porn star.

And she just might run for Vitter’s senate seat.

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