Stormy Needs More Support


I’ve got nothing today, but my email tells me that support for Stormy Daniels’ run against David Vitter (R-LA) for his Senate seat is “swelling”:

We thought we had momentum last week, but looking back now, we could never have foreseen the excitement that our campaign to Draft Stormy Daniels would generate!

As we near 150,000 visits to, we continue to be amazed at the outpouring of support from individuals united behind a message of honesty, passion and strength of character. Make sure you are kept up to date on our campaign’s efforts by joining the DraftStormy Facebook group and subscribing to the DraftStormy YouTube channel.

Stinquers, we need to help this woman any way we can.


Well obviously. Look at her boobs in that bikini. No bikini in the world can handle the strain of those… uh what? You mean political support?

Hmm, I’m not sure that I agree with Stormy’s priorities in regards to her, um, platform:

1) Prevent intellectual property theft (ex. Unauthorized porn downloads).

2) Promoting women in bizniss (Couldn’t agree more there).


3) Tha chidren! Tha chidren!1!! (Is preventing chidren from seeing Tha Sexx really the #3 crisis facing our nation? I think not, esp. since porn is like the only sex-ed we get in US America).

Still better than Vitter though.

@Original Andrew:

A better choice than Vitter, yes, but that could also be said of my dog.

Ya know, she is cuter than most in her profession.

But I came not to praise her breasts, but to praise Salma Hayek’s breasts, with which she is feeding the world:

I am not sure what to think of that, except, kinda, wow.

@Promnight: Salma can feed the world.

As for Stormy – admit it – you’d motorboat those big plastic chichis in a second.

@Promnight: I can only think about how totally awesome she would be “Grapes of Wrath”.

But won’t Salma be surprised that the world lining up to suckle at her breasts would be mostly made up of adolescent and older males?

I feel dirty even for reading the Gawker article.

@ManchuCandidate: The article or the linked copy of the pleadings? You know it’s bad when Gawker is redacting portions of the pleading.

The Gawker article. I won’t even go to the linked copy. I don’t want to know.


O’Reilley will probably just praise the guy for his involvement with the Girl Scouts and leave it at that… but I might just watch Oblermann tonight…just in case….

It’s bad. And it’s not the first time he was arrested for kiddy porn.

@ManchuCandidate: Ironically, Stormy’s bikini covers more than Bar Rafaeli’s on the cover of SI.

@SanFranLefty: The fuck? How is he not already in prison?

@SanFranLefty: I’ve read such pleadings before in my former life as a crime/mayhem/military (well, that’s mayhem too) reporter. I think I lost part of my soul after reading them. And I know that investigators who have to deal with these bastards usually can’t do the job for more than a year or two, for the most case. They have no stomach lining by the end of it, and possibly no esophagi.

@Jamie Sommers:
I don’t understand it. He was 19, had more than 6000 images of kiddy porn on his college computer, and got off with three years probation.

Yeah, reading child abuse and neglect reports can tear a person apart, believe me.


You’d think at the very least he’d have to have his internet use monitored for a long, long time. Don’t they ever do that?

Damn. My cat just attacked me out of nowhere. Apparently I was sitting in her spot. Why must everyone in my home be batshit?

Oh, no. Conversation here is a little too heavy for me today. Just skimming the comments made my stomach turn. I get physically ill when I read/hear about people abusing kids. FSM bless those of you who protect the defenseless.


Cats love that. She was probably stalking you for an hour or so…

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Don’t try and give her the benefit of the doubt. I just got home, sat on the couch in her spot, turned on the computer and she bit and clawed me until I moved to my little spot on the couch. Guess she’s got me trained.

@JNOV: Your kitteh sounds like how my dog would always manage to sprawl herself out diagonally on the bed, thus ensuring that Mr. SFL and I were shoved to opposite ends of the bed, clutching to the edge of the bed for dear life.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: I’m guessing he’ll be Keith’s “Worst Person in the World” tonight.

@SanFranLefty: @JNOV:

I can’t wait until next month. Mr. Tommmcatt and I are going to get a puppy just for me to train and raise and be “my dog”–Which I haven’t had since I was a kid. We have our Chow mix, but since I’ve only been on the scene for four of the 14 years my partner has had him, the dog is more Mr.’Catt’s than mine. Really looking forward to it.

Of course, if my husband really wanted to score points he would get me the puppy for Valentine’s day. But he is a man, like me, and that means “clueless about the V-Day thing”. Comes with the chromosomes, I think…


I dunno…this transcends even that somehow…

@SanFranLefty: :-D What a good doggeh!

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Huzzah, a new puppy! Chows have a tendency to be one-owner pets, and you coming on the scene after puppyhood kind of leaves you screwed. Does s/he like you? Any aggression?

BTW, I’m really getting tired of the tits.


No aggression, but it took him until just now to really warm up to me, and even so it’s obvious he prefers my partner. But he knows he can get a treat, or a walk, out of me by being sweet, so he finally is showing some affection.

Oh, and the tits? Me too. We need some beef around here, sister.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Ramen! And I’m glad the doggeh isn’t trying to gnaw off your hand at the wrist.

Oh, and evil Lilly Cat should be ashamed of herself. I just took my meds and grabbed my comforter and pillow so I can pass out on the couch. Lilly has now pawed my comforter and is getting cozy on my legs. The Cat Cycle of Abuse.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Are you getting a mutt from the pound or do you want a specific breed? I’m a big fan of the pound pups, strongly urge it.

And I agree – the titties are getting old. Homofascist needs to do some posting around here, obvs.

@JNOV: @Tommmcatt Yet Again: You guys want some beef? Here you go! Stolen from my friend’s LJ, this is how I wish all guys were built.

@drinkyclown: Hmmm. I have learned the hard (!) way to be wary of your links. But I will click. And you must tell me about the hobo rape!

@drinkyclown: You are evil incarnate. And I love you!

@JNOV: Hahaha I’ve just devoted my Twitter to be my daily non sequitur attempt at humor, and that goes right to fbook too. It’s a shameless rip-off of Fireland, but so far the format fits my sense of humor very well.

@drinkyclown: OMFG! Who is that guy? And how can I become that awesome?

@SanFranLefty: Mean? Wait, what’d I do? You don’t like the big guys? I have a serious thing for the bear-types.

You are mean for linking to such a slow to upload picture. I kept thinking, “alright, whats the joke, is he gonna have a huge python of a dick snaking down the leg of his tights?”

@drinkyclown: It’s more of the brain-dead middle American Bush voting retard look that halts me. Body hair/facial hair might redeem him, but alas — no.

Hey! You know the Bad Law Professor of the Week thing we’ve got going on here? Has anyone taken that Johnson fool at Boalt to task for his support of intelligent design? WTF is going on at Boalt? They’ve got a torture proponent and a fundie?

@rptrcub: He didn’t look brain-dead to me. He was looking fierce, compared to most heavyweights I have seen, he at least seems to be a fierce competitor. Thats something, anyway.

@rptrcub: Did you ever do sports? Wrestling is the most intense sport in the world, I respect it more than most sport.

@Promnight: In school? Nope. I was too busy with the school newspaper, the yearbook, being the drama tech and working at a real newspaper.

@JNOV: Funny – my cat’s name is Lili. She used to attack my feet … until she did it in the kitchen one time and caused me to spill hot oil onto her head (and my left foot). She has a cauliflower ear now, and I have a big-assed scar. She doesn’t attack me anymore. She learned.
@JNOV: I do the Bad Law Professor segment. Let me know who, and where, and I will dig up the muck.

@rptrcub: I agree he should be way furrier, but I would still hit that soooo hard, I guess I just have weird taste in guys.

The new dean would like you to know that you should no longer call it Boalt. The 1Ls who I’ve been interviewing for summer internships have all dutifully received the memo on the new name. I, naturally, goad them by calling it Boalt.

To answer your question, I think it’s karmic backlash for Prop. 209 kicking all the black and brown kids out of Boalt.

@rptrcub: The wrestlers could be among the coolest high school athletes, them and the cross-country runners. Wrestling is not a team sport. Men seem to get evil in groups, like a football team. Men in groups, egging each other on, will always do worse things than they would ever do if alone. Those fraternity gang-rapes? I bet alone, individually, 9 out of 10 of the boys present didn’t even want to be there. But the dynamic of the one evil fucker who is into it, and the group dynamic, makes it happen.

Its not sport per se that turns boys into animals, I think its “teams.” Groups of machismo-worshipping, bonded in an intense all male micro-society, are dangerous, like the US Marine Corp, frats, and lacrosse teams. And the KKK.

@SanFranLefty: Tah-may-toe, tah-mah-toe. It will always be Boalt to me (and yes, NOVA did call it UC Berkeley School of Law).

Jr. has a question: has anyone ever heard of evolutionists sending death threats to creationists? Nope? Didn’t think so.

@blogenfreude: All I caught was his last name, Johnson, and he’s at Boalt and was somehow involved in the Dover, PA ID case. Or at least he was supporting the school board in their bid to include ID in the science curriculum.

@blogenfreude: Oh, poor puddy tat. My Lilly is sleeping on my legs right now. She’s really mean.

@SanFranLefty: Okay I just finished reading about prop. 209, that is messed up! Wikipedia provides the comedy gold:

“Supporters of Proposition 209 contended that existing affirmative action programs led public employers and universities to reject applicants based on their race,”

These people really are from bizarro world, are they saying white people are getting discriminated against? They realize that’s not actually possible in this country, right? Maybe they think stupid is a race. Maybe it is, and they’re winning.

Good Lord! I am going to have to watch that NOVA episode online, because my kid kept pausing the TV to rant about how intelligent design is for suckers. Sometimes he started yelling at the TV without even pausing it. It’s nice to seem him passionate about something, but holy smokes!

And once he took on my fundie mother and brother when they were parroting some creationist one-liners they’d heard ad naseum in church. Jr rebutted them with facts and left them flummoxed. I was very, very proud.

@JNOV: At work, I have this recurring job we do for the Pacific Science Center, and their text-heavy postcards never have enough room for a barcode or to address properly, so I figure you can tell they’re into science just because they hate intelligent design so much.

@drinkyclown: Those brown folks who were admitted after the prop passed decided not to go to Boalt b/c they were afraid they’d be the only brown faces there and also as a protest. I worked with this guy who was the only black guy in his class. I worked with him for a while before I found out that he was that guy that we’d all heard about. There were about five black students in the next class — I met them when I got into Boalt and the school flew me out for a visit. On the day I was visiting Boalt, I found a payphone and called Stanford to see if they’d made a decision about me — and on that very day, on one of Boalt’s payphones, I found out that Stanford admitted me. I was like, “Suck it, Boalt!”

@SanFranLefty: Yep. That’s the man. I only caught a snippet of what he was yapping about due to Jr’s vocalizations, but he appeared to be on the school board’s side.

I think the key word in his profile is “Emeritus” – you’ll note he hasn’t taught there in a while. My state tax dollars at work.

@Promnight: I wrestled in HS. We were too busy starving ourselves to make weight, to worry about wimmens.

By the way, I’m getting tired of the pneumatic boobs, also. Not too thrilled with the beefcake, either, but at least that’s better than plastic tarts that no one over the age of 15 would touch with someone else’s dick.

@Ewalda: Unless the guys being posted have had “pec augmentation implants”. In that case, get rid of them, too.

@Ewalda: Haha fake boobs for men? That sounds ridiculous but could be overlooked if the guy was hot enough.

@Mistress Cynica: Another example of the completely insane idea that there are two sides to every story, and therefore, along with competent and sane scholars, academic “fairness” demands that you include some incompetent, batshit insane liars?

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