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She’d spank him in a debate. And he would enjoy it.

@Comandante Agi: Only if he were wearing Huggies as she spanked him.
@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket: Yeah, that’s the one Michelle O. fashion look I am not a fan of – the false eyelashes. Dolly Parton is the only person who can pull of fake eyelashes.

Well, she’s not that smooth a speaker, but she has learned to stick to vague keywords when answering questions.

So many politicians, especially republicans, come across as stupid, not really because they are stupid, but because, as republicans, they are only allowed to espouse stupid ideas.

She seems to be taking this seriously enough to have decided to lie about her real reasons for doing this. In politics, thats professionalism. Only rubes, crazees, and amatuers tell the truth.

@Mistress Cynica: Don’t tell Bloggie, but she’s growing on me.

North Louisiana is where I am! If she actually makes it anywhere close to this corner (she’s probably much more likely to pick Shreveport if anything), I will try to provide Stinque-exclusive photos. :)

Seriously though, I’m having trouble even imagining a venue that would dare to host her around here. Hmmm…

@finette: That would be sweet – send ’em to blogenfreude if you do, as I’m the only one here who cares about Stormy.

@Mistress Cynica: @SanFranLefty: And unlike Ted Kennedy, Stormy can actually answer the question why she’s running.

Contra Prommie, I don’t think she’s got the doubletalk down yet. She’s refreshingly, um, candid about the nature of her candidacy and her prospects. I don’t hear near as much bullshit as, for example, Sestak fed Rachel the other night.

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