What’s Your Safe Word, Eric?

Whip it good.

Office of the Republican Whip

It’s rather insulting. We don’t even have to work at it — the jokes just write themselves.

Oh, if only hypocrisy was deadly.

@smapdi: I love that it features a picture of a man no woman would EVER want to fuck. No wonder he wants us to shut up.

@Mistress Cynica: But he’s a rich Doctor doncha know.


In I Corinthians 14:34 we read…

I Timothy 2:12 tells us…

11 Timothy 2:9 commands…

Paul, Paul, and Paul, who never met The Dude. Fucking jackbooted Pharisees and their swinish followers.

@nojo: Church on Sundays, Confirmation on Wednesdays and I didnt know this.
I do remember the part of the Law that says which locusts you can eat and which locusts you cant, so I guess I retained the practical stuff.

@smapdi: A long time ago I decided to read a shelf of source documents, rather than rely on my precocious facility with memes. That’s when I took in the Federalist Papers, the Collected Comedies of Ayn Rand — and the Bible.

My take on Paul as the Holy Bureaucrat stems from those days. Classic conversion experience: He’s a Pharisee who’s trying to keep those feisty Messiah freaks in line, gets sunstroke on his horse and hallucinates Jesus, then convinces the surviving Disciples that his vision was the real thing.

Neat trick.

So Paul then sets about organizing the motley crew, and that’s where we get all those New Testament letters telling folks the right and wrong ways to worship — a very strange concept, if you think about it. But that’s what happens when you process the Sermon on the Mount through an anal-retentive power tripper.

@nojo: None of these clowns have read what Jesus reportedly said. Or did.

I still want to know why he’s naked and washing all the boys’ feet before getting huggy with the one he loved most the night before the big shitstorm. And yes it’s in John.

@smapdi: “I have a PhD!”

“In Science!

I too have the collected comedies of Rand, but in audiobook form. If I am going to expose myself to that at least I can rest my eyes or do some cleaning so it wont be a complete wast of time. Still havent managed to load up that playlist. My actual knowledge of Ayn comes from wikipedia, the lifetime movie starring Helen Mirren, and the game Bioshock. Plus the image of Greenspan laying that $ wreath on her grave.

@IanJ: But do you have your own internet ministry with its own rules of punctuation? That’s where the money is.

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