The Electric Wiener Acid Test

“I put the hot dog up to my mouth, and somebody started screaming.”

We don’t recall seeing this in grade school, but it would explain so much if we did.


Okay, is it just me or were there Gawker-esque numbers of postings today on Stinque? Not that I don’t love y’all overlords, and maybe I was especially slammed today at work (which I was) but wow.

So tonight’s teh season (series?) finale of Dollhouse. Should I watch?


I should add that i’ve had two glasses of wine, so it should make perrrrfect sense now.

So Faith has flown the coop? And Wash might oughtta see someone about those facial ticks.

@Original Andrew: Sorry, I’ve had a bottle of Pinot Gris and half a bottle of pinot noir rosé. What were we talking about?

I used to have the same experience all the time when I lived in San Francisco. I’d get pretty jacked up on marijuana, drop some acid, and stomp on hot dogs in the middle of Market Street, like, all the time.

In fact, Market Street was frequently shut down in the early ’90’s from all the neo-hippies pretty jacked up on marijuana, stomping on all those hot dogs while tripping on acid. That’s probably where swine flu came from.

I feel the same way about lamb chops.

Every time she bit the hot dog it screamed? And her friend Terry screamed too? Maybe it wasn’t a hot dog. Poor Terry …

I dig the trippy squishing-fluid effects in that film, man. Where can I get some of that?

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