Libertarian Vacation!



Damn, misplaced the keys to the Wayback Machine. I’d love to show that to the McMinnville libertarians who introduced me to their passion in 1982. They were that hardcore.

I’m getting an ad with a dude holding a starfish asking me to get my free moral audit today.


@Jamie Sommers: Mine says “Meet Christian Singles”. They’re running that fucking NYC? Are they shitting me?

@blogenfreude: I had that one earlier today with some fake bewbied girl in profile.

Oh please. They’re too thin and the woman is too attractive (and dark) to be libertarians.

@Jamie Sommers: White top, blonde hair – she’s staring at me right now. And I think you’re right – she bought those. Or maybe Miss California pageant did.

@Jamie Sommers: Giving new meaning to “check out my profile”.

@blogenfreude: I was seeing that, but now some middle-aged dude has shown up — with a curious addition to the ad copy:

Certified Christian

Problem with those pre-owned Christians is that you have to check their fluids more often.

@nojo: Yeah – usually they’re leased out to people who don’t service them.


@nojo: Yeah, I have the same one as you.

lol. Pakistan is close to becoming a failed state.

Will the next Club Liberty be in Islamabad?

What do they say about Fish? They will be the last to discover water.

Libertarians swim in the benefits of collective effort, charity, and government, but they don’t see it. They think they would still bee able to live in Mom’s basement of there were no government. They don’t realize that selfish, bold men of action would be quickly killed by the people they piss off if not for government.

Ayn Rand got rich by getting libertarians to give her their money. Irony? Their movement is a collective action.

I often make fun of the rednecks of my youth, especially the one who actually said to me “your so smart, lets see how your smart does against my fists.” Well, my smart couldn’t defend against his fists, but I was smart enough to run away.

Libertarians are the type who worship their own smarts, and think they would rule the world if not held back by society and its demand that they contribute some of what they have gained from society, back to society. They think that in a state of nature, their smarts would let them rule.

They don’t understand that its only the rules of society that allow smarts to have the competitive advantage it has. In their free world, large people with big muscles would bludgeon them to death and take their shit.

@Promnight: I have a soft spot for some flavors of libertarianism, but I’d really like to know how many of the modern tea-bagging home-schooled Objectivists subscribe to Rand’s rabid atheism?


In their free world, large people with big muscles would bludgeon them to death and take their shit.

And in our neo-liberal quasi-capitalist world, rich people with big influence peck us to death and take our shit.

(I’m not arguing for capitalism, I think the whole concept of private property is flawed — though not from a Marxist perspective.)

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