Comic Relief

I took the proper stance (one foot in front of the other, not simply standing there) the first time I fired a shotgun and still almost got knocked on my ass (I was 15).

“William Everitt, vice president of Investment Real Estate Associates (IREA), told TheBlaze that he was at the Romney fundraiser in Beverly Hills on Saturday. He said Romney was absolutely joking when he said he doesn‘t know why airplane windows don’t open.” [The Blaze]

Am enough of a nerd to love this:

Honestly, the man must have had it on repeat while thinking up questions to ask the Solicitor General.

This is what might sink the health care mandate. Broccoli. Really. This is what the Union has come to.  But, given the way the Republicans relate to broccoli, it is somewhat predictable, perhaps….

as read by Christopher Walken:

Next time you check in to Marcus Bachmann’s clinic pretending you need help to pray away the gay while all the time you are collecting material for an exposé and then don’t bother to show up for the last two sessions because… well… why would you, do not be surprised if the next voice you hear is Marcus demanding payment.

B-man gets all pissy, yo.

I love it when comedians do things like this. Go to YouTube and search “Larry King Game” to watch them all (audio NSFW):

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