schween-bagWhat the fuck is it with Louisiana politicians? First it was Jindal and volcano monitoring, and now:

Given the recent outbreak of swine flu, Sen. Susan Collins’s (R-ME) push to strip funding for pandemic flu preparedness is looking increasingly shortsighted. But Collins was not the first to campaign against the provision. Indeed, several days prior to Collins’s public push, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) introduced an amendment that would have stripped, among other things, the flu funding provision. In arguing for his amendment on the floor of the senate, Vitter apparently couldn’t fathom how pandemic preparedness could possibly serve to protect the economy, calling it part of a “laundry list of…big government spending items.”

What a fucking idiot.

Stormy warning for after the jump.

That’s why Louisiana needs Stormy in the Senate.


By Pushing for Pandemic Preparedness Cuts, Collins Finished what Vitter Started [Think Progress]

I predict that before this is all over, Susan Collins is going to be wishing she hadn’t made such a big deal of killing off flu pandemic monitoring funds on her own, damned website!

Way to go, GOP douchebags.

Here’s a word of advice: when your party is predicated upon the notion that you must oppose everything Obama proposes, don’t be surprised when something he proposed and you killed proves to be very necessary indeed.

It’s funny: the GOP is chomping at the bit, waiting with baited breath for anything resembling another terrorist attack on the homeland so they can claim that Obama crippled our intelligence agencies by releasing the torture memos, and yet instead what we get is a flu pandemic right in the wake of GOP opposition to funding to protect us against flu pandemics.

The GOP isn’t just the “party of no.” They’re the “party of no brains”, “the party of no shame” and the “party of no luck.”

And, oh yeah, the only problem with Stormy being the next Senator from Louisiana is that would mean she can’t be the next senator from Maryland.

But it’ll be a home run with the bases loaded, a Tony award for Best Musical, winning the Super Bowl and the Oscars, etc. if a nuke falls into Tollybon hands during BE’s term.

@Serolf Divad: The GOP isn’t just the “party of no.” They’re the “party of no brains”, “the party of no shame” and the “party of no luck.”

Stormy promises to make the GOP the “party of Os”

Vitter: “If the disease don’t need diapers then it don’t need no money.”

@Serolf Divad: the GOP is chomping at the bit, waiting with baited breath for anything resembling another terrorist attack on the homeland

Surprise twist!

Since President Obama decided to release the Bush-era OLC memos outlining the administration’s torture program, conservatives have been trying to argue that the disclosures make the country less safe. Today, RedState Editor-in-Chief Erick Erickson takes the meme a step further, arguing that Obama wants to make the country less safe. In fact, Obama is hoping for a terrorist attack sooner rather than later so he can blame it all on the Bush administration.

Gotta hand it to them — just when I think they’ve exhausted their idiocy, they go back to the well for more.

Stoooorrrrrmmmiiiiieeeee! Hoot hoot hoot, stomp, whhee-yoow.

Prommie = the wolf in the Tex Avery ‘toons.

@Prommie: That’s the best photo I’ve seen of her so far. When she gets sworn, I’ll like that one better.

You know, in high school she was editor of the school paper. I mean, its not just the body, she has a big, luscious, round, wet brain, with the most alluring folds and convolutions.

Where did she go to school? Larry Flynt High?

blogenfreude / Prommie / ManchuCandidate: Oh, STOP with teh Stormy. She’s not going to be nominated to anything.

I mean, when we were all young and stupid and over at W——e, we used to think that Sarah Palin wasn’t going to go national and she would just be this fun little sideshow up in Alaska and go no further and …

Uh … um …


tj/the rml firm just rec’d a state award for Native American owned businesses. Three of the five partners are enrolled members of Pueblo Indian tribes.

To be fair, as the insane Michelle Malkin points out, Schumer seems to have opposed the funding as well. Not as much – simply called it a “little porky thing”.

@redmanlaw: So the other two are affirmative action hires? (I keed, I keed…congrats)

@redmanlaw: As we say in the olde country – Woo Hoo!!!

@blogenfreude: Don’t get me started on Schumer. He’s been working behind and beneath the levels of decency to push through a local scheme that will plant a huge bunker-like redoubt aka golf resort in the heart of the Catskill Park on the summit of one of the high peaks which are as yet undespoiled. One local Abramoff wannabe will make a killing. the rest of us will have to deal with the consequences.

@Benedick: The Schume is a shitbag. He’s our shitbag, sure, but he really is awful.

@blogenfreude: You’d rather have Schumer pissing out of your tent than pissing into it, to quote the late great Ann Richards. But he’s kind of a shitbag. And he has a terrible bubble butt, I remember from my days working in DC, or he had poorly tailored suit jackets that split at his ass and made it look quite bubbly.

@redmanlaw: Congrats. Is your firm hiring?


Congrats, buddy! And now that Lent is over, you know what this means!

@SanFranLefty: I think that’s technically known as a lard ass. A bubble-butt (help me out here, guys) is… well… different. Perhaps HF might be persuaded to post pics of his?

@Tommmcatt the Wet Sprocket: I was eyeing the Tanqueray 10 at the likker store the other night, but I already had a bottle of Bombay on hand.

@Benedick: No, it was freakishly and perfectly spherical. So it was more bubble butt than general junk in the trunk.

How did the audition go?


I think we need a post of this kind immediately.

@redmanlaw: Mazel Tov.
And Bloggie, thanks for the Stormy pic. I needed it.

@redmanlaw: Oh, I think this calls for Hendrix. Congrats!

@Dodgerblue: There will be more – that I promise.

congrats, RML! well deserved, I’m sure.

Late to the party, RML Congrats to you and your firm.

I think I’m understanding lefty’s deep unease re Stormy.

Allow me to go there for just a moment.

Think, gentlemen, how it might be if, say, Stormy, was the junior senator from Louisiana and her official duties took her to, say, France, for a fact-finding tour of the Champagne region and say she ended up in the Dom Perignon factory with Calrla Bruni in her official capacity as first tart and say Carla raised a glass of bubbly to toast her new friend and say she slipped so that Stormy’s new peau de soie blouse got soaked – because you all know how that stuff just goes transparent the moment it’s wet and you know how Stormy has long-since eschewed the wearing of support underwear for health reasons – and now say, in a moment of thoughtless reaction, Stormy’s arm jerked so that her glass of champagne is tossed all over Carla’s new silk blouse so that it’s drenched and you can see right through it and both women become, understandably, upset and begin to tear at each other’s clothes, falling to the drenched flagstone floor and rolling over and over and over, each vying to straddle the other even though their tight, fitted skirts get ripped to shreds in the struggle?

Now how would that help to mend fences after the eight long years of Bush? I doubt even a long sudsy soak in the tub together would help patch things up no matter how much there was in the way of fragrant bubbles and candlelight. There are some things that no amount of gentle laving of each other’s breasts can cure.

So you see, Stormy’s candidacy presents a real threat to the ongoing well-being of the NATO alliance that must not be ignored. Unless, of course, Michelle could be persuaded to get in there and kinda patch things up.

This is actually serious. I am not really a fan of porn, because of the nagging thought that it appears that many of the women involved are not, umm, making a fully knowing decision, free from coercion, made with mature understanding of the consequences. In short, I do believe that many of the female performers in porn are exploited, that many of them are not fully functional people, that some are victims of trauma, rape or abuse, that some are from such limited means and small and tragic circumstances, that they simply cannot conceive that they have any alternative but to trade on their ass, that some are just not the smartest people, maybe even really of limited capacity and under the sway of dominant and exploitative personalities. And there seem to be some subtsance abuse factors that lead young women to porn.

But Stormy raises none of these hackles. She seems what I beleive is the rare porn star, a genuinely strong and intelligent woman in control, and dammit, this is what she chose.

I have to say, thats appealing. Its the only kind thats appealing. It would be sick to want to see troubled people unknowingly debasing themselves. Thats not this one, I think, though I have to say, never saw her in action.

@Benedick: That’s not the source of my unease. chicago bureau figured it out – I was back on Brand W back in those good ole’ days of 2006 mid-term elections, and I remember all the hormonal frat boys slobbering over her. And when she was picked as the Veep, I found myself trying to explain to all my non Brand W friends how I knew all about her and that she was GILF.

Don’t want Stormy to be SILF.

@Benedick: Did Chainsaw hijack your account again?

@nojo: I’m just saying: it could happen.

@SanFranLefty: My audition was ridiculous. I only went because I keep telling my agents I don’t want to be seen for this and that and figured they’ll drop me if I keep it up.

@Benedick: Get a movie in New Mexico and we’ll hang out.

@Benedick: Were the initials of the show G.L. by any chance? And I second RML, maybe when he hires me as a contract attorney, or at least the “other” SF office of his firm, we can have our northern New Mexico meet-up.

@SanFranLefty: All My Children. They don’t do Guiding Light in NYC any more. I think AMC is the last soap left here.

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