Some of My Best Friends

“On Wednesday, less than a week before he’s favored to win a third term in Congress, Schock met with top officials at the Republican Governors Association in Washington, to discuss the possibility of running for Illinois’s top job in 2014. Four sources in Illinois and Washington with knowledge of Schock’s meeting with the RGA said his interest in the race is an open secret, and that he’s told donors he is seriously considering the contest.” [National Journal, via Political Wire]

Paul Ryan wows the AARP crowd.

Remember last month? Yes? No? When we were all so excited about Team Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan for president? No, wait. Vice president. Remember how we were all so excited by the boldness of his economic ideas? After four years of economic stagnation and crippling debt caused by Obama’s socialist-marxist tyranny we looked forward to a president who… wait, vice-president (why do I keep doing that?) who could make America great again. The way it should be.

Turns out math is hard. And who has time to explain stuff to people who won’t understand anyway? We don’t need to know what loopholes he’s going to cut. We need to know how he keeps his body fat so low. At between 6% and 8% it’s even lower than Mitt Romney’s tax rate. And he didn’t rely on government handouts to get himself in shape. And he didn’t eat vegetables either.

Paul Ryan doesn’t have time to explain the math to losers.

Aaron Schock advises Ryan to work it. “I often spot Paul in the congressional gym,” the hunky congressman declares. “He has so got it going on. My girlfriend lives in Canada.”

Police in Portland, Texas, a suburb of Corpus Christi, continue to insist that the execution-style murder and attempted murder of a lesbian couple in a neighborhood park in late June is not a hate crime motivated by the women’s sexual orientation, but do admit that “it was not a random attack.”

What we do know:  After they encountered a man with a gun on June 22, a college freshman named Mollie Olgin was murdered, and her girlfriend Mary Kristene Chapa was shot in the head and left for dead.  Chapa had so many injuries to her face that her brother and sister could not identify her at the hospital without looking at her hands.  She is still in the hospital, unable to speak and possibly paralyzed on one side.  Her brother told NBC that she was writing “Mollie?” on paper but the family hadn’t yet told her that Olgin was dead.  Chapa’s family is struggling:  her father – an Iraq War veteran – is out of work, so the family has no health insurance. Donations for her medical care can be made here, or sent to Prosperity Bank, 1127 East Sinton, Sinton, TX 78387.

In the three weeks since the shooting, vigils have been organized by LGBT and youth groups across the country to remember Olgin and Chapa.  Read more »

Shocking research from the Department of Water is Wet.

A new study of 48 gay male couples with children by San Francisco State University researchers found that parenthood decreases the frequency of sex.  “A lot of them reported that with children at home they’re exhausted so the frequency of sex decreases,” the study’s author said. “Roughly half the couples were in open relationships and reported there’s less time and desire to act on that.”  The couples reported spending less time with gay friends and more time with straight parents, and (gasp!) even moving to more suburban areas.

[Bay Area Reporter]

Hans is 6’4″. He’s single, versatile, into romantic candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, and nailing Limeys.

Among the nascent nation’s most enthusiastic tea-baggers his proudest moment was receiving his gold pocket watch from Frederick of Prussia for ‘services rendered.’

OK. OK. To feed the bottomless pit of your boredom here is a linque. The best piece I’ve read on Anderson Cooper. Unaccountably published by the New York Times. I know. I’m just as surprised as you.

Every time I see The Music Man I admire its construction more. From one little tune (OK, the Minuet in G) Meredith Wilson teases out a score packed with vibrant, tuneful songs that each relate to the other to further the story. He also wrote some of the most original lyrics I know.

I was watching some of it last night and was gobsmacked to discover that not only had Mr. Wilson created one of the finest musicals in the canon but that he had also predicted today’s ‘debate’ over marriage equality.

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How the hell did this happen?

In my lifetime we have gone from being a mocked and maligned group of deviants, not worth the effort even to persecute, to being the nation’s BFF.

Is it wrong got me to wish that everyone would STFU already? I’m sick of having to be fabulous 24/7. Yes, it’s a strain. Most of the gay men I know are far from fabulous. Nobody swishes or cares much about drag races. I’ve always thought that stuff was a product of the ghetto, much more popular among our str8 allies than those of us engaged in the day to day stuff of life. I suppose there are still circuit parties though I’ve never been to one; I don’t even know what the name means. I look forward to the post-gay world when we can all finally hang up our assless chaps and carry 15lbs too much extra weight like str8 men. (Full disclosure, some of us already do.)

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