Aaron Schock Hopes to Capture GILF Title from Sarah Palin

“On Wednesday, less than a week before he’s favored to win a third term in Congress, Schock met with top officials at the Republican Governors Association in Washington, to discuss the possibility of running for Illinois’s top job in 2014. Four sources in Illinois and Washington with knowledge of Schock’s meeting with the RGA said his interest in the race is an open secret, and that he’s told donors he is seriously considering the contest.” [National Journal, via Political Wire]


Oh god…..that is so amusing/terrifying.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a GILF, but Martin O’Malley is hotter than the average guv.

@Benedick: Are there any?

@flippin eck: When does he get fitted for the prison jumpsuit?

@Dodger: That prison orange jumpsuit is going to look snazzy with a turquoise belt!

People. It ‘s about time we had an out and proud governor. A man who’s not afraid to jump into a pair of white jeans, oil up his abs, and get in the leading car at the local Gay Pride with his husband.

Oh wait.

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