Nobody expects the Copyright Inquisition.

Turns out we’re not the only ones who got caught up in the recent Monty Python documentary. Chris Christie’s campaign for New Jersey governor lifted a clip from Flying Circus for a YouTube ad, which has brought out an anti-endorsement from Michael Palin:

“I’m surprised that a former U.S. Attorney isn’t aware of his copyright infringement when he uses our material without permission. He’s clearly made a terrible mistake. It was the endorsement of Sarah Palin he was after — not that of Michael Palin.”

Not to be out-pissed, Terry Jones weighs in as well:

“It is totally outrageous that a former US Attorney knows so little about the law that he thinks he can rip off people. On the other hand — another of Bush’s legal appointees was Alberto Gonzales and he didn’t seem to know much about the law either…”

The ad has been pulled from YouTube, although HuffPo has it. Alas, it wasn’t the Blackmail Sketch.

Chris Christie Rips Off Monty Python, Troupe Threatens Suit [HuffPo]

You Gullyvornians would have been better off with Spitzer the hooker-fucker. How is a one-minute, content-free video going to fix what’s wrong?

Perhaps not the best week for this to hit the news:

Job seekers looking to apply for a job in the city of Bozeman, Mont., should be prepared to hand over their usernames and passwords for just about every social networking site they’re on, including Facebook and Twitter.

According to the city officials, employee applicants must sign a waiver giving the city permission to conduct an investigation into the person’s background, which includes handing over social networking login credentials to city administrators.

We’d make an obvious comparison, but we don’t want to risk getting all Hoekstra about it.

Montana City Asks Job Applicants To Fork Over Social Networking Passwords [ChannelWeb]

douchetastic!How could anything possibly go wrong?

Pundit Tucker Carlson publicly announced Tuesday that a right-leaning news site resembling the Huffington Post he’s been planning will go live within weeks.

Carlson will launch, which he said would focus on reporting on the Obama administration and “adding facts to the conversation.”

“We are a general-interest newspaper-format style site,” Carlson told conservative bloggers at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday. “There just aren’t enough people covering this administration and telling the people what’s going on.”

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umlautIn the late 18th century, at the height of the European intellectual, scientific, cultural and political, transformation that historians refer to as the Enlightenment, a group of radical French philosophers led by Denis Diderot sought to create a vast catalog that would represent a compendium of all human knowledge.  “All things,” they explained,  “must be examined, debated, investigated without exception and without regard for anyone’s feelings.” Thus was born the Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métier.

It was a noble goal, to be sure, but one that critics then and now have insisted could never possibly be fulfilled. The vastness of human knowledge is so great that no work could possibly encompass and present it all.

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6a00d8341ce4c253ef0115701738fe970b-500wiHave you guys heard of Citizen Quasar, who will free us all from the tyranny of the government with his pulsating star powers and interneptitude? In Oklahoma, the newest communist state with a theme song written by actual communists, the FBI arrested Daniel Knight Hayden earlier this month for his hilarious Twitter jokes about violent overthrow of the government and cop killing. Hayden, whose Twitter account is still up (but unfortunately not being updated) under the name CitizenQuasar, is my new favorite Twitterer, barely edging out John McCain because he is just slightly more out of touch with reality. His totally insane tweets include hits like, “START THE KILLING NOW”, “I fell down. I got up. KEEP ON TRUCK”IN!!!”, some stupid quote from Conan the Barbarian, and my favorite, “test”. Anyway, this dude’s the first twitter user to be arrested for the crime of being an idiot on the internet. More of his inspirational douchebaggery after the jump. . . Read more »