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You Gullyvornians would have been better off with Spitzer the hooker-fucker. How is a one-minute, content-free video going to fix what’s wrong?


Tympani makes everything more important. It’s a fact!

Bloggie, my blood pressure!

Let’s review the three taxes that are so offensive and the basis for his continued veto and obstruction:
(1) Restoring the car tax to what it was in 2002 when he took office
(2) $1 a pack tax on cigarettes
(3) Taxing the oil companies that extract oil from the state and its waters the same level that every other state (including Texas and Alaska) do.

Arnie is such a twat. I nearly stroked out at his comment in the NYT magazine about how he goes home in the evening to smoke a cigar in his jacuzzi to unwind and that therefore he has stress like the poor people and elderly and disabled and the state employees who are all getting shafted.

@SanFranLefty: We’re in a smaller, leaking boat on this side of the coast, but it is the ledge that wont’ swallow the revenue proposals coming out of the executive. The Rethugs in control of the senate seem to think that the citizenry would much rather see their property taxes and other local fees go up instead of taxing cigars, smokeless tobaccy and a slight hike in the sales tax.

Last summer, then-apriring cabinet member Gov. Beel Richardson called the legislature back to Santa Fe for a special session to ram through $250 million in tax refunds for New Mexicans. Now we’re in a cutting mode, hiring freeze, etc because of a $257 million revenue shortfall. Awesome, Bill.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

@redmanlaw: It’s nice to see real forethought in our elected officials.

@IanJ: I think Mrs RML and I got $50 each.

“Hooker-fucker” is a little redundant, no? I’m not talking the piece down, but it’s a little funny.

@hunkamonkiman: Not redundant at all. Just a more colorful way of describing a john.

@mellbell: I am reliably informed that hookers do things other than fuck.

Same here in Canada City. Fatty McGoo aka Stevie Harper PM initiated a big tax cut of $50 Billion. Now we’re running a $50 Billion Deficit thanks to the wonderful economize.

@redmanlaw: Well then obviously you won! Hooray for victory! Now go out and spend that $50 so the government can make its $3 in sales tax!

WTF?! Ahnuld didn’t say ‘I’ll be back’ to cap off his angry speech?


@SanFranLefty: $1 a pack tax on cigarettes

I am so fucking pissed at those “fair share” ads we Kahleefowneeans have been enjoying of late. Raise cigarette taxes! Again? Take it up with Reiner.

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