Sleazy Slimy Grifter Talibunny Bagging Big Bucks in Obscene Per Diem Scam

Tangy teen Talibunny's pose seems to say: "I cant wait until I can grow up to rob Alaska blind and transform the GOP into a laughing stock cult of Jesufascists, KKKers, cackling methheads, skinheads, toothless militiamen and Limbaugh listeners!"

Insane Jesufascist hillbilly Alaska Governor Sarah ‘Talibunny’ Palin is facing her 10,000th ethics complaint by an infallible witness to the truth who claims her collection of per diem payments to stay at home, instead of residing in the governor’s mansion in Juneau or accepting the fact that she is a commuter employee who drives to work at a state office building, is a criminal enterprise amounting to an illegal increase in salary, has learned.

Alaskan civic hero Zane Henning filed his complaint with the state and fired off a blistering, righteous press release this week charging the Talibunny with grasping nickel-dime profiteering at state expense:

“I am charging that the Governor has given herself a raise for personal gain by using the per diem process, which is in direct conflict with Section 39.52.120. (a) of the Alaska Executive Ethics Act,” Henning wrote. “The State of Alaska provides housing in the state’s capital of Juneau for our Governor, so there should be no extra expense if she desires to stay in her own home. More than a thousand state employees commute from the Mat-Su Valley daily and none of them get to pocket free money.”

A column by Geoffrey Dunn at the Huffington Post this week reminds readers that “The Washington Post first broke this story last September during the 2008 presidential race, but until now, no formal ethics charges have been brought on the matter in Alaska.” Everyone was apparently so stunned at the genocidal, kleptomaniacal horror of the Bush Administration that mere swindling of the largest state in the union took a while to register on everyone’s outrage meter.

Thankfully, Henning, a self-styled conservative activist and oilfield worker from Wasilla, seems to leap from bed at dawn fuming with glorious indignation. Mother Jones points up in its report on the matter that, “Last November, he filed a complaint accusing Palin of misusing state facilities when she talked to reporters about her 2008  campaign in her state office. In March, the state personnel board dismissed the matter.” In his latest broadside, Henning observes the time-honored muck-raker’s convention of following the money, howling with righteous fury in a letter to Alaska Attorney General Daniel S. Sullivan that Palin has “been charging and pocketing per diem to live in her home and has used the process for a personal gain since being elected.”

The reasons why I am filing this complaint are as follows:

* State travel regulations specify per diem can’t be claimed when travel is less than 50 miles from a state employee’s workplace. Palin works out of her Anchorage office in the Atwood Building which is a scant 45-mile commute from her Wasilla home.

* Palin is exempt from personnel and travel rules which means she does NOT HAVE to collect any per diem ever when working out of her Anchorage office.

* And most importantly, State Statute 39.20.010 distinctly stipulates that the governor’s salary is $125,000. Period. By pocketing this free money, Palin violates Alaska law by giving herself a raise that totals to thousands of dollars….

“The Governor is quitting her job and now more than ever the State of Alaska along with its residents need to be reimbursed for the per diem charges including interest and a fine. Governor Palin is setting precedent for future governors. My hope was that one of our lemming legislators would take a stand and hold Palin accountable for this act, but since that has not happened, it is up to private citizens, like myself, to hold our Governor accountable,” stated Henning.


Well shit… Sometimes crazies are useful(?).

Fifteen of roughly eighteen complaints filed have been dismissed – whether this says something about Palin or the body that reviews complaints I can’t say.

@Benedick: Seems a bit tinfoilish to me too. But then, if he’s correctly researched the case, there would seem to be at least a modicum of merit to the whole thing.

I thought this was long-ago dealt with — she paid the money back, or stopped logging the per diems, or something. But it’s all a blur.

But the real story is that Alaska hasn’t “spent a million dollars” on ethics complaints — more like $300,000, most of which was on Troopergate, part of which Talibunny brought on herself by filing her own backfire complaint.

Meanwhile, the conventional wisdom seems to be leaning toward Batshit Crazy: No lurking criminal filing to force Palin out of office, just her own whim. She has a history of disposing with things (especially people) when she has no further use for them.

“Math is hard.” – Malibu Barbie

“Governing is hard” – Caribou Barbie

This is not new, its true, she collected something over $15,000 in per diem travel expenses for the time she was spending in her home, it was out before the election, its not tinfoilish, it is persnickety, and its nit-picking, but then again, thats the type of corruption the snowtard engages in, stupid, penny ante, dumbfuck corruption, and not because she has some limit, doesn’t want to engage in big time corruption, its simply because she is a fucktard, and doesn’t know any better, doesn’t know how to go about stealing more money. Like I have said before, she steals on the level of a typical corrupt director of public works.

But the instant they nominated her and gave her a credit card, everyone ssaw what she did, $150,000, the reports said that the wealthy donors who agreed to foot the bill for buying her a few respectable frocks were totally stunned by the orgy of spending she went on, and come on, silk undies for the first Dude, thats just priceless.

I would not want her watching the till in my little deli, I would not leave a dime out on the counter if she is around.

There is no tinfoil here, she has spoken publicly about it, incoherently trying to jsutify it, but its all true.

Its penny ante, but thats just because she is penny ante.

And she didn’t even have a figure back in the day, just thick all the way through, and even the 6 inch heels just make her thighs look lumpy.

@FlyingChainSaw: And that’s why we love him and you and everyone else around here. And I say that as someone who hates body-hate and whose thighs are probably twice the thickness of Talibunny’s (granted due to 30 years of playing Sport).

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