Mark Foley’s replacement is on the hook for (a) an affair, (b) a bad break-up and (c) $121k to the mistress in return for her silence.

Hey, Rahm — time to warm up the ejector seat. Kthxbai.

Sun-Times says that Rezko sentencing is in December. Which is to say, not the week before the election.

“We are experiencing a delay, and we regret the inconvenience. We expect to be moving shortly. Yes we can. [DING, DONG] Doors closing.”

NB: Judge on the case is a Whitewater counsel. U.S. Attorney is the yummy Patrick Fitzgerald. So, any claims of FIX! FIX! are kind of, you know, off.

Politico reports that John McCain is bagging his Michigan campaign. No TV, no mail-drops, staffers off to Wisconsin / Ohio / Florida.

(This does not mean that Barry can take Michigan for granted. There will still be a ground game because local Republicans can’t move to Wisconsin / Ohio / Florida, and the 527s are hitting Obama-as-Kilpatrick. Still: damn.)

DEVELOPING HARD: House GOPers gang up on Pelosi, kill bailout bill.  Wall Street FREAKS OUT, down somewhere between 500-700 points and going lower.  McCain looking for someone to hit, finding nobody as they have all fled the Geezerplex.  Decision may have been the right one on principle, but everybody’s 401(k) just took a massive whuppin’.

More details laters, as soon as sober analysis and non-panicked thinking retake hold.  Kthxbai.