Complete With Hush Money!

Mark Foley’s replacement is on the hook for (a) an affair, (b) a bad break-up and (c) $121k to the mistress in return for her silence.

Hey, Rahm — time to warm up the ejector seat. Kthxbai.


Protect Traditional Sex Scandals.

Those of you outside Cali probably won’t see the ad that’s riffing on…

Is there something in the water in that district? Would it be prudent to start dumping tons of Salt Peter instead of Spanish Fly into the water?

Purity of Our Essences be damned!

Dumbass Demrat.

Hmmm. All the Slee-zee wing of the Democratic Party here can pull off are kickbacks in courthouse construction, false statements made in campaign expenditures over whether a county clerk’s C/W band actually played at a candidate’s rally (that, and other $ to that official has nothing to do with his role in certifying local vote tallies – nuh-uh), and questionable infrastructure assistance to a Big City developer. Nothing even remotely sex-related.

/TJ McCain supporter in Bethlehem, PA with “Hussein” monkey doll and more hateful Bethlehem residents.

@JNOV: Wasn’t Baby Jeebus born in Bethlehem to an Arab Jewish woman?

Not white bearded skinny Jeebus. Only Brown Jeebus (and brown Jeebus don’t count.)

@SanFranLefty: Ha ha! Silly woman! The Virgin was a blue-eyed blond wearing a blue and white silk robe.

@ManchuCandidate: Quetzalcoatl was fair-skinned and bearded.

THIS is how Cocktober starts? Straight Democrat? No wetsuits? No kid-touching? No toe-tapping? I’m really disappointed.

Didn’t help the Aztecs much if I recall my Southern North American history. Damn all those fair skinned gods! Nothing but trouble.

@redmanlaw: I’m sure the Mormons love that.

JNOV and Baked know that there is something in the water in Eastern upstate PA. It’s very scary. Everyone I’ve ever met from there who had an IQ over 99 moved out long ago. The rest are impotent in their rage and demand a world that reflects their hatred. Too bad, it’s quite pretty country.

@JNOV: Whoops! Sorry! Dude with the Curious George-cum-Obama doll is from Johnstown, PA.

It’s Monday, I’m feeling generous, I’ll give him 2 diapers for starting the affair at the same time he was running campaign commercials with his prop wife and the tag line, “Restoring America’s Values Begins at Home”.

@Lyndon LaDouche: And irony died in 2000. We really are hopeless.

@Lyndon LaDouche, @nojo: Is sexual harrassment passé? ‘Cause it looks like he tried some of that, too…I might even have to award an extra diaper for that.

@nojo: It is time for all good Demrat Libtard Gay Marriage Loving individuals all over this land to donate to No on 8 in Cali, since the Mormon-Magic Underpants set and the Knights of Columbus are throwing money into the yes side like W snorts coke.

I gave ’em $10. It’s something, at least.

@WonkRefugee: Curiously, I not only moved back but I brought a foreign born wife and two kids with me. Twenty years after leaving. Regrets? I have a few.

But AP got a “headline of the Day” nominee out of this:
” Fla. congressman seeks probe after affair reports “

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