Where’s Plan Q?

Item: McCain showed up in Miami at an immigration event cosponsored by… ACORN.

Something about this blowback story gives me pause. The event was also, supposedly, hosted by the SEIU and People for the American Way (according to a similar posting by Fellow Traveller No. 1, Kos). I seriously doubt that PG would show up at an event so crawling with SOCIALISM that the hors d’oeuvres were unionized. So, like Gen. Turgidson, I smell a big, fat commie rat. But, if this is even close to being true? Well.. back to the drawing board, Geezerplex.


Apparently it’s quite legit — but this was two long years ago, when Psychogeezer was pretending to be an untameable mavericky coalition-builder, seeking support for an almost-sane immigration policy, which he’s since abandoned.

McCain is running the only campaign in history that needs to do opposition research on itself.

Communist hors d’oeuvres:

1. The Proletarian Cocktail Weenie, served on a hard rye cracker with Mustard of the People.

2. Victory-Beef Tartar on Brotherhood Lavash (Raw Poodle on Saltines)

3. Chief of Police Bite-Sized “Disappearing” Brownies

4. Sumptuous Bounty of Shared Effort Turkish Delight (Frozen Balls of Pickled Cabbage)

Etc, etc….

@nojo: This makes me yearn for the competence of, say, a Fred Thompson.

Wolf is running with the “come from behind” meme after an interview with Geeze by that lovely Dana Bash. It gives me pause, can’t get complacent, etc., but to be perfectly honest he still came across as supremely pissed and needs more than a tie on Thurs to stay in the game.

When you’re a maverick, there are no rules.

OT, but Paul Krugman has won this year’s Nobel in “Economic Sciences.” That makes me so happy!

Hadn’t yet read the post when I wrote the comment on Krugman. Absolutely delicious that PG has stepped on his own appendage again.

Tommmcatt, missed K there, but I’ve seen him elsewhere. [he has a cat named Doris Lessing]

@lynnlightfoot: I just read about it here.

I appreciate Krugman,but it was over on CP or back at the Wanq where someone accurately described his “The World is Flat” book as three pages of how China and India are doing everything we used to do, and the rest as filler. I honestly couldn’t finish the book.

@nabisco: “The World is Flat” is the brainchild of Thomas “suck on this” Friedman. (I’ve got to defend Krugman and his cute little gnome face!)

@mellbell: I think that should be updated to Thomas “Acknowledge My Hippo” Friedman.

Beeing 4 it b4 u wuz ageinst it: ur doin it rite, akctully

@lynnlightfoot: Economics is a science like fashion is a science.

When I hear or read the word “economics,” I have flashbacks to Husband #2 who was in love with Mises and Austrian economics. ((((shudder))))

@mellbell: D’OH!

(Too much news, too much analysis, too much punditry, and too many smart people around me all the time. I have brain-bleed)

@lynnlightfoot: My favorite thing about this is how much it must piss Friedman off. “Great, first he was right abou the economy. Now the Nobel. The bastard will be more insufferable than I am.”

@Mistress Cynica: “Except that that’s not actually possible.”

@Mistress Cynica: It’s hard to imagine how a person could be more insufferable than Thos. Friedman. [Actually, if pressed, I could probably come up with a long list of persons I find more insufferable than Friedman, but most of them would also be a lot less intelligent than he. I envy him his seemingly boundless self-confidence.] Paul Krugman is more cautious (looks before he leaps), while being politely determined to get to the bottom of things and when he finds what he believes to be the truth or the most likely avenue for pursuing it, equally determined to explain just how he got there, what other thinkers he is paying attention to, and where we all ought to be headed next.

@BRB: Didn’t see your comment until after I had finished writing mine and submitting it. Great minds!

@Mistress Cynica: But Krugman would be insufferable much more humbly. I really hope T-Fried is bouncing off the walls of his father-in-law’s spacious mahogany-paneled library, throwing crystal tumblers of the finest single-malt at the room-sized fireplace, shouting, “Why not me! Why not me! I’m the man! I’m the man!”

Plus, Krugman has that naive innocent-Bear look in his column photo, makes you just want to peg him, but gently. Keep in mind, he still must be punished for subscribing to the infinite-growth theory of economic well-being.

@Pedonator: Krugman has that naive innocent-Bear look in his column photo, makes you just want to peg him, but gently. Keep in mind, he still must be punished for subscribing to the infinite-growth theory of economic well-being.
Are you really Meg Tilly?


I think Friedman suffers from short man complex. I ran into him on the street in DC and NYC a couple times and I towered over him. (Granted, I have the stature of Gabby Reese per DodgerBlue/stature of a WNBA star per JNOV, and I was wearing heels).

He also suffers from the “can’t hold more than one thought in my head at a time” syndrome – I so want him to get over his “The Earth Is Green” phase he’s currently on.

@Ewalda: OK, you got me. But I’m gonna take down somebody with me: Lyndon LaDouche is actually Sir Elton John.

@Pedonator: Is that the moment when Willem Dafoe shows up in the mirror?

Did I say party? I meant cabaret.

@nojo: Just as long as it’s not Killer Bob. That still gives me nightmares.

@BRB: @nojo: @Pedonator: And Kristol! Can you imagine how furious he is??! hehehehe

@Mistress Cynica: And now that you’re living in the Northwest, you understand, don’t you?

@nojo: I have to go double check the locks on the doors now. Excuse me.

@Mistress Cynica: If Turkey-Rama didn’t exist, David Lynch would have to invent it.

@nojo: I must confess I didn’t get all the moovee references. But if Willem Dafoe chooses to appear in my mirror, it can’t be all that bad.

@Mistress Cynica: Kristol must know that he was never nominated, never considered for a Nobel. What would they give it to him for, “Best Douchebag to Encourage with His Undeserved Position at the Top of the Commentariat for the Slaughter of Millions”? Still, I hope he’s feeling it.

When I was 18 or so, at the beginning of my political awakening, I wrote a long rant to Bill’s Dad Irving, railing against his support of death squads in Nicaragua among many other things. It was many pages long, and I actually got a response that seemed hand-dictated, at least, it wasn’t a form letter. And it was typically dismissive, and at that point I declared vendetta against any Kristol and all of his ilk. This blood-feud has sustained me lo these long years, and I’m sure Bill K. quakes in his loafers whenever he receives one of my comments in response to his NYT “typing”.

@nojo: Hey, I snagged two free low flow showerheads and about half a dozen free CFL bulbs from Mac Water & Light’s booth. The turkey was working for me!

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: I’m addressing this to you in particular because you seem as enthusiastic about Krugman as I am. Last night he posted on his blog at NYT links to two accounts he has written: one called How I Work, which I have not read yet and won’t have time to look at until much later today, and one called Incidents from My Career, which I just finished reading (it’s long! and fascinating [to me, anyway]). Wanted to make sure you knew it was available.

@Pedonator: You and Ewalda appear to be the cabaret Nojo refers to all by yourselves. You both lost me with arcane allusions; it was like watching the mimes play tennis in Blowup. Furthermore, I now know better than to believe what Anyone says about the real identity of LLD, maybe even LLD himself. Although Sir Elton is the most plausible candidate yet proposed.

Next topic: Krugman again. Incidents from My Career touches briefly on his relationship with his cats: “mature and mutually supportive.”

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