CTA Disembodied Voice: “Your Attention Please”

Sun-Times says that Rezko sentencing is in December. Which is to say, not the week before the election.

“We are experiencing a delay, and we regret the inconvenience. We expect to be moving shortly. Yes we can. [DING, DONG] Doors closing.”

NB: Judge on the case is a Whitewater counsel. U.S. Attorney is the yummy Patrick Fitzgerald. So, any claims of FIX! FIX! are kind of, you know, off.


Oh Fitzy dear, I love you but I’m glad your Rezko trial has hit a slow zone. BTW, Chicago Bureau, you forgot: “Thank you for you patience and understanding!”

flippin eck: That’s the live read from the conductor, or over the loudspeakers. Disembodied Voice doesn’t say “patience and understanding,” of which L riders have neither.

Gee, I always get Rezko and Revco confused. Obama was involved with a drugstore?




“Sadly No” turned me on to this…Kathleen Parker denounces Sarah Palin. Take a look…

Be sure to check out the comments, the mouth-breathers are beside themselves.

Tommmcatt Yet Again: Wow. The meltdown on November 5 — if what is wished for comes to pass — over among the wingnuts will be just stupendous to watch.

My first time? That was a good day. The Red Sox winning the Series in 2004? Another good day. Graduation from high school / college / law school? Three more good days.

The day after Election Day this year, if everything holds together (please FSM), will be right up there.

@chicago bureau:


The Red Staters and Freepers will blame the National Review Folks. The National Review folks will blame the Rabid Wingnut Pundits. The Rabid Wingnut Pundits will blame Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich will blame “Focus on the Family”. “Focus on the Family” will blame the GOP Statigists. GOP Strategists will blame John Mc Cain. McCain will blame Cindy, Cindy will blame Sarah, Sarah will blame Satan, and Satan will sit down with the Flying Spagetti Monster and have a bearload of a laugh.

Peggy Noonan will write an opinion piece abut Michelle Obama and the White House china, have a martini, and lie down on the chaise until her headache goes away. Then: Shopping.

…And ALL OF THEM will blame Pat Buchannan for appearing with that damn lesbian.

I can’t wait.

MMalkin turned on McCain for his pledge to buy up all of our mortgages, but again I’m too lazy busy to find the link.

@nabisco: So, when is Mann Coulter going to turn? O’Reilly? HANNITY who wanted to lick C.B.’s cooch during that interview? That would represent the sweet, sweet implosion of it all.

And David Brooks calls Ms. Glossolalia 1984 “cancer.”

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: I knew you were into Asians, but this is ridiculous.

@homofascist: @Tommmcatt Yet Again:
Ping – Pong looks kinda looks like a young Asian guy…

@SanFranLefty: @homofascist:

She is my guilty pleasure. Every word fills me with schadenfreude. What else can you read that by comparison automatically makes you a default genius? For that matter, where can you find another blog full of ideas so evil and vile that a reader such as myself is instantly beatified?

Ping-Pong Malkin: Your Cure for Low Self-Esteem

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