Falling Down

McCain Addresses Crowd as “My Fellow Prisoners”

Can’t post the video from the computer on this jobsite, but you can click through. I think he’s flashing back to the Hanoi Hilton.

[via Think Progress]


No, kids. Not a joke. PG said it.

Running loop on cable plus blurb on evening nooz, plz. Kthxbai.

He’s just reminding us that we MUST vote for him because he was tortured.

Does this mean that each US American will get a pair of prison PJs, a Tiger Cage and regular beatings with a bamboo club on weekends?

@rptrcub: No, it means that his programming has been triggered and it’s now running, probably in failsafe mode. The VietCong Candidate has booted up!

As delightful as it would be for Geezer to blow a gasket on live teevee, this could be nearly as great – an endless loop of this plus the “that one” comment, perhaps mixed with revived footage of Bush/Rove ads questioning his tiger cage psyche.

Bob Schieffer: “Senator, we’re approximately the same age. I know that I’m old as shit and deeply thankful for my Depends sponsorship. Let’s be honest, isn’t ‘maverick’ really just codespeak for ‘prone to senior moments’?”


More importantly, does this mean daily “Oz”-style shower sex?

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:
Same Sex Showers Sex for some, shankings for others.

@ManchuCandidate: There’s a platform I can, um, get behind.


Yay! For once, the gheys get the better deal!!!!

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Uhm, unfortunately, we’d have to take showers with Joe Six Pack, Without the Six Pack. Or teeth. Or redeeming features. Do not want.


“We are all detainees, my friends.”

Might as well speak the truth of the past eight years anyway.

Is this shit still going on? Will it never end? I might have to lock myself in the cellar.

Blogenfreude! Plant the new poll in this story. We need to mine the wisdom of the people to explain this event!

@rptrcub: No problem, I like guys with pony-keg abs better than a six-pack. Besides, you know what they say about a guy with no teeth…

@JNOV: I have been corrected: “And the LULZ ensued.” Damn critic children.

@JNOV: Purely a matter of style, they both mean the same thing, but “Lulz” has a sneerier connotation.

@drinkyclown: There’s nothing like your teenage kid to make you feel all old and PsychoGeezerishy. Cling, cling to your youth!

@JNOV: My youngest sisters are college age, and just looking at their facebook pages makes me feel like a fossil. I’m only 35, but that’s like 60 in fag years, anyway.

@JNOV: Can we have a day where JNOVJr., Mrs. Prom, et al. join in on the commenting? Please.

Damn, I have to work all day and the place goes crazy! It’ll take me an hour to catch up. I’m so hoping KO leads with this tonight.


At least you get to laugh at them as they fumble their way through relationships with the opposite sex. I have a fifteen-year-old nephew whose attempts at a love life have been a source of endless merriment. The kid has no game whatsoever.


Embrace your inner hot daddy now…you’ll be glad you did when you are my age.

Coming undone – oh, yeah

Keep holding on
When my brain’s tickin’ like a bomb
Guess the black thoughts have come Again to get me

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