Sure, Go Ahead And Hide Osama

Pakistan is one step away from bankrupt.  Not a company in Pakistan.  The whole damn country.  (We shouldn’t point and snicker, though.  We are halfway home as it is.)

At this point, so long as we bring a bunch of gold bars with us, they will let us invade and take Osama and perhaps even greet us as liberators and shower us with flowers and candies while we’re there.


I say we invade the other country that’s about to go Chapter 7 – Iceland – and take their geothermal energy.

Chicago Bureau, I prefer the term “well-fucked and far from home” to describe the situation.

Great. Maybe the states can bring it in as the 51st state. Still, I like curry as much as anyone but it’s a little far for take-out delivery.

@FlyingChainSaw: Since Bush 41 was a suspected carpetbagger down in Texas, this would be another way for 43 to one up the old man.

Looks like Benazir’s pop’s proclamation that Pakistanis will be eating grass so that Pakistan could get the bomb is coming true.

Their best and brightest are pumping $4.00 a gallon gas here in the states, the poor sikhs, so often mistaken for arabs and killed by racist methhead goatfuckers by mistake.

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