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I’m a little behind on the news cycle of what’s trending in the Twitterz, Book of Faces, and the tubez, but thanks to Stinquers Mistress Cynica and LuxMentis, I present to you Texts from Hillary:

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...looking at this amazing bright [BOOM!]So Great Britain had a plan in case it was hit by a nuclear attack.  And was it slapdash, and cobbled together at the last second?  C’mon.  This is Britain we are talking about.  Per the Guardian, it was contained in sixteen separate chapters, providing for the division of the country into twelve regions, and down to the detail of censoring private letters sent in the mail.

(For nostalgia types, here’s a Youtube-archived CBS report on civil defense plans in Portland, Oregon.  The first thing I’d do?  Get Sleater-Kinney back together for one last show before we all kiss our collective ass goodbye.)

Latest updates on Gov. Sanford (R-The Woods) here.

U.S. missile strike in Pakistan kills about 45 people.  Per the BBC, “the people killed in South Waziristan had been attending a funeral for others killed in a US drone strike earlier.”  Whoops.

...roasting chestnuts on an open riverThere was that SCOTUS opinion on the Voting Rights Act, with preclearance surviving, but only just.  Meanwhile, Hans von Spakovsky is as transparent as Saran Wrap.

Villaraigosa decides to not run for Governor of California — and it looks somewhat iffy on Jerry Brown joining in the fun, too.

Don Fehr to retire as chief of baseball players’ union.  One strike, one long-running doping scandal, and players with stratospheric salaries.  Job well done.  (Also: some guy you never heard of won the U.S. Open.)

In anniversary news: Black Eagle to invite leaders of the gheys to the White House, for Stonewall commemoration.

And it’s also been forty years since the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland got all pissed off and burst into flames.  (Another clown over at The Corner, Iain Murray, said this: “The EPA is making a big deal out of the anniversary, for the simple reason that it is one of its founding myths.”  Silly environmentalists — thinking that water burning would be a cause of mild concern.  Where do they get off?)

[LATEST: Six dead in Washington Metro Red Line derailment.  Continuing updates on the tragedy here.]

...forgetting about iraq for a secondOver in Iraq, another 70 people died in a single suicide bombing.  Iraq Body Count has it, unofficially, at 121 for the week.  (Full incident listing — updated only through June 1, for some reason — is found here.  By comparison, the May 2009 total — unofficial, per Iraq Body Count — is 344.  By further comparison, for years 2003-2007 inclusive, Canada averaged about 607 homicides per year.)


Need some weapons // On the double

Call Kim Jong-il // No more trouble

Myanmar Shave

Do you remember when your momma said not to eat the cookie dough, before cookie dough became all hip and wonderful due to the interference of Ben and Jerry? Well, she was right!  Always listen to your momma.

Down in Miami, there’s a trend among condo owners — namely, not paying the assessment after getting foreclosed on.  Which is causing all sorts of problems, certainly.

And a couple of guys in New Orleans printed up a couple “Brad Pitt For Mayor” tee-shirts, and now all holy hell has broken loose.

(...stealing an election)Apparently, there is an unmet need.  And, thus: The Congressional Sovereignty Caucus.

The newspaper crisis isn’t limited to U.S. America, as the dirty commies working at Canada City’s newspaper of record vote to strike.  (In other tales of Canadian high finance: Molson gets a hockey team, while the chief of Research in Motion does not.)

Ahnold’s plane forced into emergency landing.  In other news of flight: RML’s neighborhood about to get more interesting, as groundbreaking takes place for New Mexico’s spaceport.  Spaceport duty-free shopping to follow presently.

Gordon Brown, after the European election drubbing, opens an inquiry into Iraq, and promptly closes it to the public… possibly at the direct request of Tony Blair.

The Junior Senator From The State Of Illinois (says so right on his pre-fab tombstone, so it’s true!) evades a perjury charge.  Of course he does.