Just Like Old Times

...roasting chestnuts on an open riverThere was that SCOTUS opinion on the Voting Rights Act, with preclearance surviving, but only just.  Meanwhile, Hans von Spakovsky is as transparent as Saran Wrap.

Villaraigosa decides to not run for Governor of California — and it looks somewhat iffy on Jerry Brown joining in the fun, too.

Don Fehr to retire as chief of baseball players’ union.  One strike, one long-running doping scandal, and players with stratospheric salaries.  Job well done.  (Also: some guy you never heard of won the U.S. Open.)

In anniversary news: Black Eagle to invite leaders of the gheys to the White House, for Stonewall commemoration.

And it’s also been forty years since the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland got all pissed off and burst into flames.  (Another clown over at The Corner, Iain Murray, said this: “The EPA is making a big deal out of the anniversary, for the simple reason that it is one of its founding myths.”  Silly environmentalists — thinking that water burning would be a cause of mild concern.  Where do they get off?)

[LATEST: Six dead in Washington Metro Red Line derailment.  Continuing updates on the tragedy here.]


LATE ADD: Is there something sexist in the water consumed by clowns who post on comment boards at news sites? You’d have to wonder. Comment found on the message board at NBC Washington on the Red Line crash, written by some asshat named Mohamed:

That’s why they shouldn’t let woman drive….

(1) That would be “women.” (2) Shut the fuck up.

@chicago bureau: And there’s also comments about how the victims should be taken to GW University Hospital instead of Howard University Hospital (even though GW is much farther away) because…well…you can guess…Howard is a black university.

Villaraigosa has unfinished business in L.A.: namely, tapping every hot anchor or reporter on local TV.

Guh. Even in tragedy, there’s always a commenter who’s gotta make a racist or sexist crack.

I used to ride the Red Line every day when I lived in DC/MD, but the opposite way. I always thought those tracks were too close together. Don’t know if that would have made a difference, but ….

@Tommmcatt doesn’t mind if he doesn’t make the scene: Oh dear Fucking Flying Spaghetti Monster, no no no. He’s been a totally incompetent mayor here in Ess Eff. Dumb as a box of hammers, to use a DodgerBlue line. Would be the worse thing for the state to have him as the next Governor. Plus the love he gets in the Castro and West Hollywood doesn’t translate to support in Fresno or Sandy Eggo. Moonbeam will slaughter him in the primary, and if Jerry doesn’t enter the race, Mayor McDreamy will get his ass handed to him by whoever the GOP runs. Mr. SFL and I are likely going to change our party registration to vote for Tom Campbell (a.k.a. the only intelligent adult running) in the GOP primary.

If you’re looking for some happy news for tonight’s news roundup, we have Sasha and Malia’s cable car ride today with Grandma Robinson and a rogue sea lion successfully rescued from the median of I-880 near Oakland Coliseum. The videos of the Oakland cops trying to herd the sea lion into the dog crate are funny, too.


I didn’t say I liked it, but in my heart of hearts I think that’s the way it will go. Moonbeam reeks of the Cretaceous Era, and those that do remember him remember Prop. 13, which happened on his watch. After Arnie, there is not a Republican alive that will be allowed to govern this state for at least two terms, for Arnie has created such loathing in the Crazy-Base Republicans that they will do their best to run a No-Tax christofacist, splitting their own party in two.

Nah, like I said, I don’t like it, but smart money in on Newsom for the win.

@Tommmcatt doesn’t mind if he doesn’t make the scene:
But all three Republicans are Silicon Valley Republicans. All they give a shit about is taxes. They are Atherton/San Jose/Cupertino, not Orange County or Escondido. There is no Chistofascist candidate, and none of the three can move that far to the right at this point. Sure, the self-loathing closet case Meg Whitman is anti-Prop. 8, but all three are solidly pro-choice, have historically supported a sensible attitude towards immigrants, and Whitman and Poznier have gazillions to throw against one another. Which makes me think that Tom C. could pull a Gray Davis and squeak through the primary. If he wins the primary, he’ll win the general regardless of opponent.

Especially now that Tony V. is out, I don’t see the state Dems who vote reliably (i.e. union, older, black and Latino) supporting Gavin “We’ll Have Gay Marriage Whether You Like it or Not” Newsom over Moonbeam.

Of course, now is the perfect time for DiFi to announce that she’s tired of the SF-Dulles commute on Virgin America (where I have spotted her) and wants to do the much more manageable 3 hr roundtrip SF-Excremento commute to spend more time with the grandkids. But why anyone would want to give up the Senate Armed Services Committee for the bullshit of Sack-o-tomatoes is beyond me.

@Tommmcatt doesn’t mind if he doesn’t make the scene: six little words that will haunt Newsom.

“Whether you like it or not….”

If there’s any mild comfort I get out of watching the assorted hacks and crackpots running to be nominally in charge of my native state, it’s that nothing can actually get done in Excremento any more. Of course, that’s fiddling while the poor and downtrodden languish, so that may not be the best response.

@SanFranLefty: I don’t know whether I like that or not. The least the state GOP could do is give those of us who follow politics some crazy to make it interesting.

SanFranLefty: Funny. I cast a ballot for Tom Campbell in a Republican primary as well. If I recall right, DiFi had a walkthrough and there were some Bakersfield types running in the GOP primary.

If you have to vote for the GOP, you could do worse than Campbell. Much worse.

@SanFranLefty: A Gavin Newsome (gov) and Kamala Harris (atty gen) duo won’t play too well down here in Not-San-Francisco-And-Glad-Of-It.

TJ: anyone know anything about Salvia?

@Promnight: Pretty big genus there, Prom. The culinary herb, the ornamental perennial, or the hallucinogen?

@Dodgerblue: Esp. b/c today’s LATimes is ragging on Kamala “I fucked Willie Brown and all I got was this D.A. position” Harris for letting illegals get in the Clean Slate program. Whoops. But who’s running against her? Rocky D?

@chicago bureau: I voted for Tommy C. when he ran against DiFi, I have to confess. Plus I gave him money. He got me with his legalization of drugs stance. I also dealt with him in my DC life when he was in Congress, and I was a student in one of his classes, and he is a seriously intelligent, thoughtful, considerate person who embodies this model of public servant that is Ancient Greek on multiple levels. I am afraid he’ll be crushed in the primary, but I remind myself that Black Eagle pandered less than Hillbot and still won, so maybe there’s hope for brains and honesty actually winning the day.

@Promnight: Uh, yeah, a thing or two is known about salvia in that role. Go on.

@SanFranLefty: Well its just hanging there on a rack where I buy my cigars, and its tempting. Cheap, legally available in a legal store with a cash transaction and all.

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