Everything’s Going To Be OK

...forgetting about iraq for a secondOver in Iraq, another 70 people died in a single suicide bombing.  Iraq Body Count has it, unofficially, at 121 for the week.  (Full incident listing — updated only through June 1, for some reason — is found here.  By comparison, the May 2009 total — unofficial, per Iraq Body Count — is 344.  By further comparison, for years 2003-2007 inclusive, Canada averaged about 607 homicides per year.)


Need some weapons // On the double

Call Kim Jong-il // No more trouble

Myanmar Shave

Do you remember when your momma said not to eat the cookie dough, before cookie dough became all hip and wonderful due to the interference of Ben and Jerry? Well, she was right!  Always listen to your momma.

Down in Miami, there’s a trend among condo owners — namely, not paying the assessment after getting foreclosed on.  Which is causing all sorts of problems, certainly.

And a couple of guys in New Orleans printed up a couple “Brad Pitt For Mayor” tee-shirts, and now all holy hell has broken loose.


Mom wasn’t counting on food processing workers being menaced with layoffs and demands for give-backs pulling down their pants and taking a shit in the cookie dough. I think she was just trying to keep you from getting full on empty calories before dinner.

Can I just threadjack and express my delight in my new fathers day Kindle? Yay yay yay, I am doing the naked Kindle dance, the Kindle is the greatest thing ever in the history of the world.

@Promnight: It is the one thing, electronic thing that newspapers should be throwing people at to figure out how to instill a daily (local) newspaper habit using that device, or figure out how it could be played with paper editions during the week and weekend. The new one is the right size for a pleasing, everyday newspaper reading experience.

@FlyingChainSaw: This has to be the future of “print,” and its charming that the technology actually prints the words on the screen, like an electronic etch-a-sketch. But it must be freed from proprietary monopoly to ever become a replacement medium for paper. The reader should not have to rely on the content contracts of the machine’s maker and seller. There must be a system under which the reader will allow you to buy the content from anyone selling it in that form. Then it will replace paper.

@Promnight: I think it is a big part of the blend for this generation and possible the medium for future generations of newspaper readers. Right, the new format should not result in news becoming less free and open on the marketplace – like the way the RIAA wants our (ideally in their view) digital recordings to be licensed as pay-for-each-play only, or they’ll kick down the door and make you pay $1.9 million for fucking with a record company’s god-given right to fuck over the artists and the public and eat their pets. Part of the charm may be the superior quality of a reflective surface for text reading. Amazon has a good head-start as a subscriptions aggregator but they would be smart not to abuse it.

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