What About My Pickle?

Rocky Rococo at your cervix.Connoisseurs of the Firesign Theatre may recall (Dear Friends, Side 2, Cut 1, not that we’re keeping score) a throwaway line about “The Galloping Che” while they’re reading aloud mock television listings. Which itself was a reference to “The Galloping Gourmet,” a highly mockable cooking show of the day.

Just one of many throw pillows accenting our mental furniture over the years. Until today, when Che’s granddaughter decided to take them up on it.

Lydia Guevara, Che’s Granddaughter, Poses Semi-Nude For PETA [AP/HuffPo]

blogenfreude adds:



… and me with all this vegetable dip!

Graham Kerr is not to be taken lightly. He was a pioneer.

And may I be the first to add that I would totally hit it.

Total score on Father’s Day – got the Tanqueray 10, Glenlivet, fireworks, earbuds and a digital scale for reloading. Cocktails at 7 out back. Big love and family stuff today, even made it to the range.

I have a big zucchini she may be interested in.

Um, gentlemen? Isn’t PETA something we are all supposed to loathe? And for good reason, yet?

I mean, yes. She is hotter than hot. Granted. But WHERE ARE OUR PRINCIPLES?

@chicago bureau: We’re sorry. The principles you’re trying to reach have been disconnected. Please try again later.

@chicago bureau: You know us guys. Always thinking with our tubers.

nojo: I know, I know.

(Samples nice medium-rare steak, hot off grill)

@chicago bureau: Now you’ve got me started…

Did Cooked Tubers Spur the Evolution of Big Brains?

Your host is no stranger to wan dormboy humor.

nojo: How do you cook a tuber? You’d need a wicked big blast furnace to melt it down easy.

Wan New England dormboy humor. Check.

At ease, gentlemen. We don’t want any crying over spilt seeds.

@redmanlaw: I must say I’m very happy for you. Truly. But it leaves me bemused that presents are given on F Day. I haven’t spoken to my father for years nor he me: Brit family values.

Easy with the hetero testosterone, boys. She is way hotter than Stormy, that’s for sure.

@nojo: Bugs was gay, Nojo. You can’t deny it.

@SanFranLefty: Indeed she is hotter than Stormy, but then I haven’t seen Stormy doing anything with carrots. Not that there isn’t video somewhere ….

@SanFranLefty: Testosterone? I thought we were discussing a high-fiber diet.

@blogenfreude: True but you have to admit Kerr was a hell of lot more fun before he found God and sobriety.

@SanFranLefty: You think so? I think of Bugs as a smartass New York Jew. Not that those things are incompatible.

@Dodgerblue: Totes ghey. Bugs always set off the gaydar. Cross-dressing the least of it.

Bugs and who?

I’m guessing it’s Elmer Fudd. I suspected those guys had a strange love kind of relationship.

@SanFranLefty: What next — Foghorn Leghorn is Larry Craig?

Re: Bugs – my dad once said that he thought Bugs was like Hawkeye from MASH in that he could do no wrong.

@redmanlaw: Which, as you know, is why Chuck Jones found Daffy more fun to work with. Comedy loves losers.


mel blanc has the best obituary i’ve ever seen.
the caption: “speechless”

Are those… corndogs in her bullet hoslter thing?

@RomeGirl: “Bandolier”.

Tanqueray 10 tastes like Cap Rock, btw.

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