Know Your Memes

I’m a little behind on the news cycle of what’s trending in the Twitterz, Book of Faces, and the tubez, but thanks to Stinquers Mistress Cynica and LuxMentis, I present to you Texts from Hillary:

One more after the jump…


I’m going to print the original HRC picture and put it on my Rock Wall in my garage, which has some political memorabilia like my autographed Howard Dean yard sign in addition to metal band posters. Seeing that picture makes me totally comfortable with her directing the response to Armageddon from an airborne command post as third in line.

Funny site. Very promising. Madame Secretary most impressive.

What strikes me about this is that while I see similar photo texts on Know Your Meme all the time — they’re an Internet genre — rarely do they cover political topics. The closest recently was Fuck Yeah! Craig Romney.

@mellbell: It was a tough call whether to go with Boehner or Weiner in the post, but the Weiner won out.

@SanFranLefty: If you hadn’t included Weiner, I would have lodged a Strenuous Objection. That one had me giggling last night.

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