This Could Be The Beginning of a Beautiful Outrage

So we had this long, blustery post all written up, stemming from Rachel’s segment last night on Michigan Republicans railroading bills through their legislature by not taking roll calls, in apparent violation of the state constitution.

It included the word “tyranny”. Unironically.

But in the course of nailing down a stray fact, we noticed that local coverage of the issue was less, well, dire. Seems the “immediate effect” procedure at issue has long been used by both parties when in power, to the point where it’s considered unofficial tradition. And maybe Michigan Republicans have leaned on it more lately, and maybe not, but it’s not exactly novel. The Republic is safe.

We would have appreciated that bit of context from Rachel — at least a consideration of it, if only to dismiss it. Because Rachel’s staff had days to work up the story, and we encountered the problem after only twenty minutes. And unlike us, they get paid to waste their time.

Michigan’s Democratic lawmakers cry foul over how Republicans are counting their votes [Michigan Radio]

Speaking of outrage, I felt my blood pressure spike after reading of Florida’s efforts to disenfranchise even more people of color.

Obama’s 18 point lead over Mittens among the Vagina-Americans and lead among all voters ain’t gonna mean shit when the Rethugs steal the fucking election again.

Ah, Rachel…

She just blurbed the story again, and directed viewers to the Maddow Blog for more info, but still no mention that the Michigan practice is traditional — by both parties when in power.

The difference this round is that Michigan Demrats took Repugs to court.

It may be the case that Repugs have used it more than usual this year. It may be the case that the tradition only applies to noncontroversial votes. But I can’t get Outraged! about it until you address the historical context.

And I really, really want to.

@nojo: Traditional or not, it’s still wrong for either side. What bugs me is the mini-enabling act they passed with it.

@Tommmcatt Wears A Hoodie Daily: If it’s a longstanding Michigan tradition to enact pro-forma emergency clauses without a headcount — despite the state constitution — I’m not gonna get upset at this distance. No harm, no foul.

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