40 Best Protest Signs of 2011 [Buzzfeed]

Their stock prices must be going through the roof, what with all the police departments using up their supplies of pepper spray.  Yesterday, it was the turn of the campus police at UC Davis to have the moment:

Maybe the cops across the country should use water cannons and German shepherds on protesters.

UPDATE:  After the jump, photos taken from another angle. Turns out that two of the students were taken to the hospital for chemical burns.

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Jesus Christ, if the po-po are doing this in Portland, and the cops are gassing the pregnant and elderly in Seattle, I hate to think how the cops are breaking up Occupy Atlanta or Occupy Birmingham protesters.

Gee, it all seems oddly coordinated among all these police departments.


This is getting real.

In case you didn’t know, this is written on the side of every NYPD cruiser:

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