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40 Best Protest Signs of 2011 [Buzzfeed]

Hey Nojo, how come this isn’t for sale in the Stinqueria?

Meanwhile, can somebody explain why trying to shut down West Coast ports on Monday is a brilliant idea? I’m missing about a dozen steps of logic.

@nojo: The Oakland port unions are telling the trustafarian anarchists to go occupy the Walnut Crack Tiffany’s or Chevron’s HQ in San Ramon instead of keeping them from making an honest day’s salary…


@SanFranLefty: We’re on the same page here. Truck drivers and longshore workers are not Wall St bankers.

@SanFranLefty: @Dodgerblue: Via Reuters, here’s what set me off:

“The objective of the day is to shut down the port through mass action,” said Mike King, a graduate student who acts as a media liaison for Occupy Oakland. “The Occupy movement is attacking the 1 percent at their point of profit.”

I thought the point of profit was electrons swirling around trading systems.

@nojo: The point of profit isn’t the port, it’s the retailers where people willingly buy cheap goods from Asia. Where do these folks think their iPads come from?

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