A Second Later, Baby Jesus Got Blitzed and Fumbled

TIM TEBOW TEBOWING Christmas Cards [eBay, via DodgerBlue]

There’s no doubt remaining that Baby Jesus is a Broncos fan. How else do the Bears self-destruct so completely in the last 2 minutes? Bet heavily now on the Broncos to win the next 20 Super Bowls and clean up.

This is awesome in so many ways, not the least of which is the little Jewish kid blessing the big goyische football player.

@Dave H: And what about the 59-yard and 51-yard field goals? Just improbable, or . . . . something else?

A guy in Twitterstan (who usually tweets on the hockey flavor of Sport) said that while he liked Denver’s OT field goal, he thought it was overkill when the ball turned into a loaf of bread on the way down.

Bwaaaa-haa-haa! So fucking awesome! Is there a Kwanza version?

I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks that you only need to see the last ten minutes of a Broncos game this season. On the other hand, any one see the Cowboys piss away a 12 point lead in the 4th v the Giants?

@Dodgerblue: where does marion barber fit in this gridiron nativity scene? first, all he had to do is run out of bounds and then all he had to do was not fumble. he fucked both up. was barber immaculately delivered in the off season from dallas to chicago to ensure this special tebow moment? or is the devil at work here? did focus on the family pay barber to throw the game?

/guilty secret/

Tim Tebow turns my crank up to at least a 12. I have a (now no longer) secret fantasy for big, dumb beefcakes. Oh the shame!

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Well someone’s gotta fuck some sense into him, right?

@¡Andrew!: Not at all. I have it for Brazilian female beach volleyball players.

@¡Andrew!: Might explain why he’s done nothing for the first three quarters of these games. Too much backfield in motion, for Timmy?

@Dodgerblue: One thing we can all agree on: Brazilian Ass. I even get a rise out of the women.

I blame my Southern Heritage for my attraction to thick-necked, monosyllabic, farm studs.

@¡Andrew!: Thick-necked, monosyllabic, farm studs need love too.

@Tommmcatt Be Fat, And That Be That: Brazilian death metal.

Greetings from the palatial Holiday In Express in Socorro, New Mexico, where the Mythbusters crew stays when they blow shit up over at New Mexico Tech down the road. A major winter storm will keep me from driving to court at an outlying Navajo community tomorrow, The schools are closed there already and tonight’s rain will turn into a sheet of black ice by morning.

I got so much gear in the rental 4WD SUV that I could stay stuck for a couple of days at least although I really would not want to. Misplaced the emergency radio when I was looking for the grippy things that go over one’s boots for walking on ice. Like I said, I bought a lot of crap, including pre-made dirty martini mix.


Roots, bloody roots.

@RML: you sound like me when I have to go to theCentral Valley for work. Except I go to trader joes

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