General Disarray

This Time Next Year, Trump Will Be Found in a Blood-Drenched Wedding Dress, His Rectum Dangling Out His Ass, and His Dick Nailed to His Face, Chained to a Pipe in the Shower in Allenwood

Donald Trump in the wedding dress he will have worn to his first day in prison whereupon he would be raped to death by people with taste, class and a sense of justice.

File Photo of Inmate Donald Trump arriving at Allenwood Penitentiary to Serve a 153,033 Year Sentence for Treason.

Sure, sports fans we can laugh at the demented buffoon but this piece of shit is going down hard for treason, dozens of charges of engrossment by a public servant, structuring, bribery and obstruction of justice.

I’d give odds, but this isn’t even a bet.

I’ll buy everyone a coke when the report comes in after he is found dead, chained to a pipe in the shower at Allenwood.

Because that is how TRUMPLIGULA! is going to go down.

Unless you’ve got a more wonderful vision of how fuckface will meet his end.

TRUMPLIGULA! Enraged That Democrats Defied HIM!, THE! PLENIPOTENTIARY! and Refused To Shoot The Poor and Sick and Themselves In the Face and Repeal Obamacare and Replace It With Tax-Advantaged Firing Squads!

How can the Democrats live with themselves and call themselves AMERICA!ns after refusing to hunt down the sick, the infirm, the aged and stuff Gatling guns in their guts, firing and shouting praises to FREE!dom as their intestines fly out their backs in the name of shareholder value, exactly as the Founding Fathers intended?

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DUCKY! DUCKY! Do you see that hole, DUCKY! DUCKY! ? RATS! used to come out of there!

Politico reports this week that even apocalypse-baiting Republican stalwarts are admitting that TRUMPLIGULA! is completely BATSHIT! crazy and ready to be sedated with horse tranquilizers and readied to face indictment for treason.

A multi-sourced investigation by Politico on TRUMPLIGULA!’s obvious face-biting insanity found, “These are Republicans close to Trump who claimed that the President Of The United States is paranoid, delusional, and believes that Obama wiretapped him. Wallace’s comments on MSNBC were a statement that the President might be mentally ill.

Before anyone asks, the constitutional standard for the removal of a president contains no discussion of mental fitness. It would be difficult to nearly impossible to remove Trump from office due to mental illness. It would have to be demonstrated that Trump is physically unable to perform the job of president.”

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Precedent FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! on TV Now! Hide Your Cats!

TRUMP CAMPAIGN STATE CHAIR ARRESTED WHILE PREPARING TO MAGA-MIZE A LITTLE BOY IN THE ASS AT A SUPER 8 MOTEL! state Sen. Ralph Shortey, GOP ICON! and TRUMPLIGULA!’s OK state campaign chair is facing numerous charges after he was arrested in a Super 8 Motel room preparing to DO! THE! MAGA! on the asshole of a little boy, exactly as the Founding Fathers intended.

According to KOCO reporter Bret Buganski‏, police are recommending the Republican lawmaker be charged with soliciting prostitution of a minor, prostitution within 1,000 feet of church and transporting purpose of prostitution.

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KREMLIN CHEW TOY Pays 4% Tax Rate On Income in 2005!, ASSHOLES!

The Daily Beast reports today: “The documents show Trump and his wife Melania paying $5.3 million in regular federal income tax—a rate of less than 4% However, the Trumps paid an additional $31 million in the “alternative minimum tax,” or AMT. Trump has previously called for the elimination of this tax.”

That’s right, ASSHOLES! without tax lawyers, Precedent FUCKFACE! von CLOWNSTICK! pays a 15-20 per cent lower tax rate than you do because he really cares about you and all the toothless meth freaks that wear his Chinese slave-shop hats and voted for his sick and twisted administration to dream up new and horrific schemes to rape them and AMERICA! bloody.

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Insane Tiny-Headed Melissa McCarthy Impersonator and White House Goblin Sean Spicer Now Claims: TRUMPLIGULA! Didn’t Mean Wiretapping When he Tweeted About Wiretapping

CNN reported today that insane tiny-headed Melissa McCarthy impersonator and White House goblin Sean Spicer is now claiming Kremlin chew toy Trump’s unsubstantiated allegation that President Barack Obama wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower during the 2016 election is not really an allegation that President Barack Obama wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower during the 2016 election.

Everyone in the fucking universe misunderstood the Kremlin chew toy because he is so difficult to understand with Vladimir Putin’s dick in his mouth.

Insane tiny-headed Melissa McCarthy impersonator and White House goblin Sean Spicer said Trump wasn’t referring to wiretapping when he tweeted about wiretapping.

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