STINQUE TO COMMONWEALTH AND EU: Pull the Embassies and Refuse to Land Freight From Ships of Any Flag Carrying US Goods!


Froginchief Macron did the right thing calling up Killer Joe on the phone but THIS CUNT MUST FUCKING GO! and it will take stronger stuff to  resolve the Trump crisis du jour.

STINQUE thereby commands the Commonwealth of Nations and the EU and all of their member nations to recall their ambassadors immediately and instruct customs officers to refuse to land any US goods, regardless of ship’s flag.

This will give cuntface something to think about.



The end game of of Republinazi fascists like Ted Cruzless, Mike Pompousasshole, moRon deSATANis, et al, is to enrage their psychotic, heavily armed, despicable supporters, and goad them into assassinating Democratic politicians, people of color, LGBTQ Americans and everyone else they hate and feel compelled to conquer.

They are the same as the fascists in Romania, Yugoslavia, and yes, Nazi Germany, who convinced enough people to carry out atrocities under the obscene, heretical delusion that their god is always on their side.

And just as everyday people became horrifying monsters in those failed states, the Tr666p-QAsshole cult will here as well if we don’t stop them somehow.



What’s truly nauseating is how the grotesquely incompetent people who could actually do something about it, the Tech uberTrolls at FaceFuck & the Twits, and the cowardly, scumbag corporate media, are treating all of the Republinazis’ lying, false claims, and refusal to commence the transition with a wink and nudge to this pathetic coup charade (Playing the non-controversy for clicks? For their despicable billionaire oligarch owners?)

Just when you think this broken country can’t possibly sink any lower, time for more Cletus Safaris.
Oh we have to be nice to the abusive crazy liars, or they’ll be so mad!
Tis the season for open treason!


The worst are the dipshit Tr666p voters that are left unchallenged when they state he was great for the economy before COVID-19 hit.

First of all, that’s so completely fucking stupid, especially with the trade wars, non-stop total business chaos, and repeated attempts to inject his poison into individual companies via attack twits:

“I was drunk driving great until I slammed my truck into the crowd and killed all those people!”

Secondly, most people never recovered from the CaliguBush economic collapse of 2008 and have been in a downward spiral since. Just look at the labor force participation rate when we supposedly had a great job market, it’s a bloodbath, jeezus.

And third, if your 401(k) is truly the only thing that you care about, and you couldn’t possibly give even the slightest shit about anyone, or any values, or anything else, well then you should be a Chinese communist cause they’ve absolutely smoked our asses in business results over the last four decades and will soon be the world’s largest economy.

Anyone will tell you that it’s easier to open a successful business in China, too. Their record on the environment, human rights, and individual freedoms is abominable. However, they’ve lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, built a world-class national infrastructure, and have been at peace for 40 years. All the flag-humping American multinationals want a slice. Meanwhile, we’ve driven hundreds of millions into poverty, have by far the world’s largest population imprisoned, and have been at war for 20 years all to enrich our despicable, greedy Republinazi oligarchs.

Racist trash Tr666pnutz can suck their commie dicks.

PRC is a fucking slave state.

None of their crap should be landed at US ports.



@FlyingChainSaw: I’ve tried to understand their bizarre system several times, and I just can’t wrap my mind around it. Maybe it’s something you have to experience in order to fully comprehend it. It’s so foreign to our system based on individual rights, and their communism-capitalism mash-up contains even more paradoxes than our rickety capitalism-socialism combo.

1. Like if communism is so great, why are they a one-party dictatorship? Why are there not multiple flavors of parties with communism in common?
2. How can there be Chinese billionaires?
3. If the party selects the candidates, and they all have the same platform, then why would it matter whether you vote or not?

America needs to give Prezinazi AntiChrist a Ceaușescu Surprise for Christmas ; )

It’s not an economy. It’s a fucking hostage situation.

No fucking civilized nation should have trade relations with the PRC, diplomatic relations or land its crap no matter what ship registry they claim.

No unions, no elections, no guns, FUCK YOU!, LO FAT!

The systems in place are more than enough to deal with fuckface. My sense is Mother Pence will take Mike by the nose and pull him out of the Naval Observatory before long.

Trump’s big surprise will come after Cy Vance arranges for hospitality in Greenpoint or Attica and an inmate rips an arm off of him and shows him the wet end before using it to beat him to death.

@FlyingChainSaw: Sure is reassuring that our uber-patriotic, freedom luving, flag-humping American e-leets and corporations are all-in on Chinese dictatorship and moved all the jobs there, enriching China and allowing them to buy up a gazillion dollars of our oligarch-induced debt thanks to the Republinazi party.

The next war will be fought via online brokerage: They push the sell button, we go BOOM and kiss our asses good-bye.


@FlyingChainSaw: Umm, I’d say they’re much better off without us, especially if Moscow Mitch makes good on his threat not to confirm any of Biden’s cabinet choices. I don’t see how we don’t collapse after that.

Have they tried Canada or New Zealand?

Moscow Mitch is pulling Trump’s pud to get good placement on his next show.

Canada or NZ doesn’t have a seventh fleet or WalMart, which mainland China will still need once it has elections, unions and guns and 126 political parties.

Once the population reaches the breaking point, collapse can happen much faster and more violently than most people realize, especially for our particular brand of obnoxious, obtuse AmeriKKKan idiots.

I’ve been reading up on how dictatorships end and cults die over the last few days (no reason, shrug), and all of our current events are remarkably similar to the Romanian Revolution. I mean, you can even play Mad Libs (yup, pun intended):

“Fixated on paying off (American billionaires) in the 2010s, (the Republinazi Party and Tr666p) set about a series of austerity measures that plunged the country and its people into economic hardship.

The appalling economic situation was only exacerbated as (Tr666p) splurged cash on megalomaniac projects such as the construction of the (Border Wall), even today one of the largest (frauds) in the world.

“I remember the poverty of (2020), I remember in (the United States), the breweries, restaurants, everything was dark,” says Mr. (Martínez).
Blighted by a lack of basics, such as food, heating, and lighting, dissent was building up in the isolationist state as (Tr666p and Melanoma) lived in luxurious, palatial homes.

“We knew that people living in other countries had more material wealth and were living better. It was clear to me that something would happen, but nobody was really talking about it.”

Supposedly, the big news today is that a whole lotta sycophants got fired at the Pentagon and replaced with Tr666p loyalists. Pffft.

The Department of “Defense” is just a giant kleptocracy funnel to siphon off Treasury dollars to the war profiteers. It’s well-established that they–along with the CIA, FBI, DHS, and the rest of our national stupidity apparatus–are so incompetent that they couldn’t find their own asses with both hands and a flashlight. They’re very proficient with mass-murdering black and brown people around the world, that’s it.

We installed a hostile foreign intelligence asset as president after he lost the 2016 election by 3 million votes, who then carried out the ultimate insider attack that destroyed our nation’s credibility and national security. No wonder the Russians think we’re a fucking joke.

If the Pentagon has ever done anything that’s actually kept the country safe since 1945, then THAT would be news. We don’t need to give a fuck in the slightest over which head of the hydra gets the sword, unless they’re planning an actual coup d’état attack against the American people, which is possible.

$hitler already invaded Portland.

/the Onion/

Report: 70% Of Republicans Believe Election Hasn’t Happened Yet

‘How Can You Declare A Winner Before A Single Vote Is Cast?’ Ask GOP Voters

“It’s not the mainstream media’s job to declare whether or not an election has occurred. That will be for the Supreme Court to decide. President Trump has every right not to concede an election that hasn’t even been held regardless of how happy we are of the gains we’ve made in the House.” At press time, a new report found 80% of Republicans refused to acknowledge Joe Biden was ever a presidential candidate at all.”

Welp, looks like Lie-vanka, Kay-lie McENEMY, Tiffany Tr666p, and all those interchangeable, blonde dumFux Nooz nazi bimbos are gonna have to return to their previous jobs as porn-store backroom fuck dolls. Sad : (

@FlyingChainSaw: All the Tr666p rats fleeing the Tr666ptanic are panicking that no one will return their calls, so they’re busy rewriting their resumes to say something more respectable, like they were either in jail or involuntarily confined in a mental hospital for the last four years.

To those that say King Shit Midas will start his own propaganda network to rival dumFux Nooz, I’ll just say:

Trump companies that sought bankruptcy protection
1. Trump Taj Mahal
2. Trump’s Castle
3. Trump Plaza Casinos
4. Trump Plaza Hotel
5. Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts
6. Trump Entertainment Resorts

Trump’s failed businesses:
1. Trump Steaks
2. GoTrump
3. Trump Airlines
4. Trump Vodka
5. Trump Mortgage
6. Trump: The Game
7. Trump Magazine
8. Trump University
9. Trump Ice
10. The New Jersey Generals
11. Tour de Trump
12. Trump Network
13. Trumped!

BONUS: 14. United States of America

Oh no Sodamninsane’s Palace Guards have the

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