IF you’re not punching Zuckfuck in the face over and over again with increasing force, you’re just not paying attention.

@ManchuCandidate: I saw an interview with Rick Mercer the other day, in which he casually mentioned that he’d been with his husband for ~30 years ***RECORD SCRATCH***

After countless nights of the Rick Mercer report during the Roaring Zeros/2000s, how did I not know this???

I can’t imagine 22 Minutes/Rick Mercer viewers ever cared, but that kinda seems like a big deal in the 90s and 00s.

FaceB666k is like Exhibit A in how the financial incentives have become totally inverted for America’s grotesque, despicable ruling oligarchs in politics, finance, and big bizniss. They’re destroying us from the inside and making billions in the process.
The non-stop chaos of lies and propaganda destabilizing the nation causes frightened, lonely, desperate people to use more social media in an endless tailspin. People cannot stop signing up for more tragicomic insanity. Spätkapitalismus sounds appropriately German and dreadful to describe this era.
COVID-19, cryptos, gaslighting, gigs, NFTs, SPACs; I guess this is what living in end-stage capitalism is like. Oh well, whatever, never mind.

I’ve known since the early 90s when he was just a young pup on 22 Minutes.

FACEBOOK IS WORTHLESS without 3D avatars of flamethrower-wielding nazis setting millions of Facebook users’ avatars on fire and shrieking their blood-curdling SIEG! HEIL!s

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