Gasping Half-Pig Half Man Trump in Agony Taking Off His Mask to Prove He Is Invincible Like The Twisted Desperate Man-Toddler He Is!

If you’re not punching him in the face, you’re not paying attention!



Cymblists and bagpipe ensembles wanted for knock down, drag out battle of cacophonic outrages at Lafayette Park every night at midnight.

Bring beer and the biggest fucking Ziljians you can get your hands on.

Are you a cymbalist?

There has never been a better time to practice your crashes in Lafayette Park!

The Twitterverse is calling him #Covita and I can’t stop laughing at that.


Has anyone relyricized the song, Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina?


“As I’m sure you have seen by now, Emperor Palpatine has recently suffered horrific injuries after being thrown into the Death Star’s reactor, which subsequently exploded and crashed into Kef Bir. I understand that many of you may have initially reacted with joy upon learning of the Emperor’s incident. This is understandable, as he has tried to kill many of you, but as Rebels, it is imperative we take the high road.

Earlier today, Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca all sent their well wishes to Emperor Palpatine. We, in turn, must join them in their show of support for a man who hates them with all of his heart. It is time that we put aside politics and the fact that he wants us all dead, and come together and join in prayer to wish the Emperor a swift recovery.

Any suggestion that this is “karma” is distasteful. At the end of the day, he is still our Emperor, and those of us who have not been killed or incapacitated by his actions have the duty to send him prayers of recovery. After all, the Emperor is a human being, just like most of us. We must offer him the basic respect a human being deserves, even if he has spent his entire reign trying to end our movement and destroy our beliefs.”


Is it weird that every time I see “Sonoma County” in print, I read it as “Sodomy Country?”

Maybe it’s my industrial strength gayness talking, but surely other people call it that.

The reaction of the Republinazi-worshipping media scumbags will be epic if $hitler dies in the underground bunker.


ONAN: “Drink the hydroxykookoo juice by Prezinazi AntiChrist’s command!”

New York Times:”Dems in Disarray as Tr666p Death Reenergizes His Reelection Campaign”

@SanFranLefty: So I’m feeling woozy and nauseated from the reports that those sleazy lil’ shitheads Sessions and Rosenstein gleefully ordered their flunkies to carry out the child separations at the border.

Talk about the banality of evil! Abolish the DOJ, also.

Can they be prosecuted for kidnapping and child trafficking?

At the very least, they should be held equally responsible for the crimes committed against these kids while in custody.

Please tell me there’s some way to hold these monsters accountable for stealing (and losing OMG!!!) these people’s children, jeezus chryst.

OMFG I can’t even with the debate.
Pence is a dead man walking and the stupid SOB doesn’t even know it.

Is it legal to ask “How the fuck hasn’t one of the White House staff or Secret Service or Marines not beaten the ever living shit outta that sonovabitch” on behalf of a well-meaning friend?

*that’s what we mean by “well, bless his heart” in the South.

Come to think of it, “this is a situation that’d be ideal for a strategically aimed flying chainsaw,” my friend may say…

@¡Andrew!: I think you can ask – but for elected officials and judges suggesting this is a reasonable course of action can attract an indictment. The Hal Turner case is instructive in that regard.

You know it’s bad when the New York Times has a list of items to pack in your Go bag.

Premier Ad decided to finally start locking us down again. Thanks to yout’ of Canada City, our COVID numbers are skyrocketing. The Yout’ are starting to get us olds sick again as well.

My one complaint is Premier Ad put more focus on the Ads to tout how well they’re doing protecting schools/staff/students/etc that his crew of dimwits didn’t put more money or planning into actually protecting schools/staff/students/etc.

This only several years after nearly kicking my precious TV while being a long term unemployed and being forced to watch PM Dipshit Photovest Harper’s numerous InAction Plan ads.

Fuck doing the tax payer paid self pat on the back, Premier Doogie. You done right winged it up again. Instead of the love you desperately crave, you’re right back to being loathed.

@ManchuCandidate: Seeing Blimpy on teevee is always really weird because his voice *sounds* calm, but he looks like he’s about to bug-out in a Tr666pian tantrum rage-stroke.

Just one more eye roll from Patty Hajdu, and Mount Saint Thug is gonna blow.

The problem is that he’s the type who really really hates being forced to do something he didn’t want to do, like all the times he had to bend to someone else’s will when he was on Toronto Council or even as Premier (to be… fair… I am that way too but I am more resigned to reality.)

About the only times I liked him was when he listened to the docs/specialists on CoVID the first time and when he’s been telling the Anti-mask shitheads to shut up (but didn’t help his case being caught photographed at a wedding sans mask.)

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