Presidential Feats of Strength We’d Like to See

“Underneath his button-down dress shirt, [Trump] would wear a Superman T-shirt, which he would reveal as a symbol of strength when he ripped open the top layer.”
NYT, October 10

  • Break out of heavy chains after being tossed in a lake.
  • Stand athwart a hail of bullets that will surely bounce off your chest.
  • Show up for a debate.

  • Jump from a bridge onto a moving train.
  • Ride a rocket motorcycle across the Grand Canyon.
  • Commit to a peaceful transition of power.
  • Rip off your helmet during a spacewalk.
  • Lock yourself in a room full of radioactive spiders.
  • Condemn Nazis.
  • Leap off the balcony and soar!

-admit to making a mistake.
-admit to being the worst preznit of US Amercia ever

But he won’t because that would mean he’s speaking the truth and we can’t have that.

Also, Happy Canada Day Turkey Day.

-stuff gun in mouth on Truman porch, admit it’s more delicious than Putin’s dick and pull trigger.

-Amy Klobuchar in an explosive vest with her thumb on the deadman’s switch offering to give Prezinazi AntiChrist and every Republinazi Senatard a much-deserved late, late, late-term abortion on live television or GTFO.

Ha ha, just kidding. Here’s to praying that COVID-19 wipes out all of those sleazy, sadistic, GOPnazi psychopaths.


Originalist Amy doesn’t get that she wouldn’t be allowed to have a voice whatsoever if we go with the whole only WHITE MALES HAVE THE VOTE thing.

May every last Tr666p-humping Despicable enjoy the same comeuppance. Let us pause and savor the fate of this GOPnazi fuckface.
(deep breath) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!:

Former Rep. Duncan Hunter to serve sentence at West Texas prison camp

SAN DIEGO — Former Rep. Duncan Hunter will serve his 11-month sentence for conspiring to misuse campaign funds at a West Texas prison camp, his attorney said Friday.
Hunter is due to report to Federal Correctional Institution La Tuna on Jan. 4. The prison is in the El Paso suburb of Anthony, on the Texas-New Mexico state line. He will serve in its adjacent minimum-security satellite camp, according to CQ Roll Call.
Hunter’s attorney, Devin Burstein, on Friday confirmed the report that Hunter had been assigned to the facility.
Hunter fought a 60-count indictment for more than a year before pleading guilty to a conspiracy charge in December.

My hubby and I voted yesterday, which was somewhat anticlimactic considering the ongoing GOPnazi fascist terrorist attack, however for the first time in all the years that we’ve had vote-by-mail there was a long line at the ballot drop box (!). Turnout in our county could hit 90% apparently, so we’re cautiously optimistic(?).

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