Extradition-Free Vacation Spots


Pro: No extradition treaty with United States.

Con: They might have a few bones to pick.


Pro: No extradition treaty with United States.

Con: American troops with a grudge.


Pro: No extradition treaty with United States.

Con: They also saw Godfather II.

Saudi Arabia

Pro: No extradition treaty with United States.

Con: They’ll send you back the moment they see an advantage in it.


Pro: No extradition treaty with United States.

Con: Bit on the nose.


Pro: No extradition treaty with United States.

Con: “Which virus, Mr. President?”


Pro: No extradition treaty with United States.

Con: None, really.

Trump suggests he’ll leave the U.S. if he loses to Biden [Axios]

I suggest the sun as a better option than Venus. It eliminates the chance of a return visit.

@karen marie might be peeking just a little: I ruled out the Moon and Mars because we still would like to go both places. Venus sounded nice because the toxic atmosphere would take him within minutes.

Seems most likely he’d be on a one-way trip to Moscow. The propaganda victory for Putin would be unimaginable—a deposed American president fleeing to Russia (!!!) like a common Lukashenko. We’d be finished on the world stage for a generation if we’re not already as a plague state.

Other than that though, what would Putin get out of it? $hitler’s a total moron that only spouts lies and conspiracy theories; the strategic value of his two-scoops “knowledge” is probably zip, and those hundreds of millions he owes the oligarchs aren’t gonna pay themselves.

It’s truly pathetic that this nation’s spiteful, loser neckbeards look at a bullying, lying, hysterical, racist, sexist, train wreck failure like Tr666p and think that he somehow represents manhood. And they believe that women are too emotional to hold office, jeezus.

No wonder the country is circling the drain.

He and his loathsome GOPnazi sycophants are the embodiment of deceitful, phony cowards that aren’t even shit on the shoes of men of integrity.

I’m here for the Mute Button.

@¡Andrew!: I have a Biden Harris bumper sticker. I am afraid to put it on my beater, because I need that POS car. I’m afraid someone will take a baseball bat to it.

I’m waiting for my fly swatter (THAT FLY!), and my “I Paid More Taxes Than Trump” t-shirt. I will wear that shit, because COVID or not, I’ll gladly throw hands in the Walmart.

ETA: Oh! And the White Truck Trump Train drives by on the regular, giant flags in the beds of their trucks. When Trump had The COVID, someone was flying the ensign upside down.

Why is Trump’s voice getting so high and strange?

@FlyingChainSaw: I keep hoping I’ll see his lips moving but won’t hear a sound.

“I don’t want to raise money. If I wanted to raise money, I’d raise money like you’ve never seen.” <– close enough

Hehehe! The Mute button you’re waiting for, yes.

Joe sounds coherent at least.

@FlyingChainSaw: He’s doing pretty well. I wish I had my “This Is A Big Fucking Deal” shirt.

Now that I know more about Joe’s stutter, and now that I’ve heard the garbage Trump spews, I am A-OK with Joe’s gaffes. I can’t think of anything Biden would accidentally say that could bring us to the brink of nuclear war with North Korea. I can’t think of anything Biden would say that would lower our standing in the world.

I’m confident that with, not despite but with, all of his gaffes and other Joe Stuff, he will elevate our position in eyes the world. We’ll never be where we were, and maybe we didn’t earn our place, but shit will get better.

WHAT’S YOUR HEALTHCARE PLAN, TRUMP? Four years and you STILL don’t have one.

LIES about preexisting conditions.

Sheesh. Every time I let my dog in, she thinks it’s time to eat.

Joe smoked him to the last second on the ACA question.

Someone tell Trump socialized medicine isn’t the boogeyman anymore.

Ha! He thinks he’s running against something else!

And no shit about Social Security withholding. I can’t opt out because my boss is…Donald Trump!

@JNOV: It’s nuts here. Business has never been busier and am working up a spin out. Teeth are loose from exhaustion. They running your desk fully remote at the VA?


500+ children’s parents are missing.

I remember the record Obama deportations. Horrific.

Oh, we’re back to murdering, raping brown people? Worked for him then. Will it work for him now?


“And you have 525 children who don’t know where their parents are.”


^^ That’s your TV ad right there. Run the hell out of that shit in AZ and FL.

ETA: And PA. Hell – IOWA

Just run that shit. Run that shit.

Is someone holding cue cards for Trump? Where is he looking?

I’m the least racist person in this room!

Poor Boys. Okay – I’ll learn to deal with that. It just made everything Joe said before that, and it was great, forgettable because my brain went to sandwiches.

Best numbers for the CARBON ADMISSIONS!

I’m watching on a delay, I think. I hope he says Carbon Admissions.

Why don’t they give us bathroom breaks?

Those guys are men of a certain age. If I have to pee, they have to pee.

Saudi Arabia is running out of oil, dumbass.


Hey – read, “Toms River”

I think that’s the only debate I’ve ever seen.

Chuck Todd says Trump stopped the bleeding? Todd might be an idiot.

First one I’ve watched end to end.

Trump is demented. The whole free association conspiracy thing is twisted. It’s like late night talk radio on LSD as performed by Liberace affecting a Brooklyn accent.

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